The most popular games of an online or traditional casino are slot machines, but they can vary slightly depending on the country.

However, an expert slot player knows these regional differences and how to play them to his advantage.

The Beginning – US Slots

Most of the slot machines we encounter today in casinos are based on the model that first emerged in the USA. This type of slot machines then spread to other countries over time. The machines then crossed over into other countries which led to the creation of other regional variants. Many online casinos all over the world feature most of these variations. Be they free trial slots or real money online slots, they’re just as entertaining as the ones you find in traditional casinos.

The Origins of Slot Machines

The original American slot machines were first designed by Charles Fey in San Francisco, so US is considered to be their birthplace. All slots in America are regulated by the government, and playing them is even banned in some states, with the exception of Atlantic City and Las Vegas, two of the most prominent gambling meccas in the world. The categorization of US slot machines depends on legislation and its classes.

Slots in Australia

Slot machines were first known in Australia as Clubman, and were later renamed as Club Master. Australian slots are based on the American version but with a modern twist.

They are commonly referred to as pokies by people in Australia and New Zealand. Pokies usually feature video displays of physical reels and have additional bonuses and screen features. Traditional 3-reel pokies can also be found, and they can include bonus and free game rounds or second-screen features.

The best Australian online pokies have free spins and multipliers, an innovative spin on the traditional slot model.

Slots in the UK

Online casinos are regulated in the UK according to the 2005 Gambling act. Here, slot machines are colloquially called fruit machines. The people of Great Britain are fond of the slot fruit machines, and they can commonly be found in clubs, arcades, and pubs.

These slots often feature three reels, but they can also have four or five reels with nearly sixteen to twenty-four symbols.

Japanese Slots

An interesting version can be found in Japan. Pachisuro, or pachinko, as they are called, are Japanese slots that you can find almost all over the country. These machines are rather different from their western counterparts, as they resemble a combination between pinballs and slots.

These Japanese machines have a distinguishable appearance as they are bright and colorful and have engaging visuals and sound effects.

But please note that it’s illegal to gamble pachinko for cash in Japan. The Pachinko balls that are won during the game cannot be exchanged for money in the arcade or other establishments. The balls won at the pachinko arcade can only be exchanged for prizes or tokens, which in turn can be exchanged for money at a separate location from the parlor.

However, even though slots are called differently in other parts of the world, the principle is still the same and gamblers enjoy playing them for fun and winning.