Welcome to my follow up review of Gameday Tycoon!

After a few more days of poking around, I’ve come to realize I am addicted. What I like about Gamday Tycoon the most is that it’s a simple and low commitment social game. I can spend 5-10mins a game session to quickly make Picks or could spend 1-2 hours researching tonights game matchups to find the right angle. I finally see the point the developers are trying to make – Gameday Tycoon can very well become the new fantasy sports game for casual fans!

Now Gameday Tycoon does have a few minor issues, mostly which seem to be fixed overnight. New features, fixes, and patches are visible every other day, making the game feel live and fresh. I’ve run into small loading problems trying to request tickets from friends, maybe its an issue with Facebook but I can’t say for sure. The team challenges are a great idea but the invitation system is difficult to navigate, I’ve found it hard to find out which friends are on which teams. It would be nice to have a better system to manage the challenges.

All in all, I think the title of my article says it all. Despite the minor problems with Gameday Tycoon, I’m hooked. Hopefully in my next article I can talk about some of the strategies and tips for beginners.