Man playing games with Augmented technology.

We already have live dealer games that give us a sense of real-time action. They bring us into the casinos through mobile or desktop devices. Imagine being able to play with the cards as if you were sitting across from the dealer in a real casino.

Augmented technology is a disruptive innovation and is seeing increased interest because of the potential it carries. Live dealer games have the best structure for AR implementation among the most popular casino game genres today. That does not mean that other genres will not benefit from augmented reality’s technology upgrade.

Let’s see how much of an impact augmented technology and all its trappings will have on online casinos. The results might surprise you, especially if you are new to online gaming. Let us first explore the capabilities of this innovation.

The Capabilities of Augmented Reality

Anything that goes beyond our natural world perception is already powerful technology. Do not confuse augmented reality with virtual reality, as the latter creates an entirely new world. Virtual reality technology enables and immerses us in a digital world.

On the other hand, augmented reality just adds to how we see or experience something in the real world. It blends digitally created objects into the real world. You can also touch and feel these three-dimensional objects, which gives you the impression that they exist in the real world.

You can break down the capabilities of augmented reality into three significant aspects; visualization, interaction, and collaboration. Visualization enhances your view of the physical world by overlaying information or other means. As a result, the immersive experience begins from there.

Instead of just seeing the enhanced world, augmented reality lets you interact with objects within it. For live casino games, it could be cards or dice, depending on the particular game.

You can see where we are headed with this article. With the introduction of augmented reality technology, the online casino industry will take a huge step forward.

A New Way to Experience Gameplay

Even though we might not admit it, we secretly want to be in a real casino when we play games. Thanks to augmented reality, we can now actualize those imaginations. We can replicate the act of throwing dice on a roulette wheel in a physical arcade hall.

Today, augmented reality is trickling down to simpler casino games, including this traditional Indian game that relies on chance. There is no need to worry about which titles have the support of this visual and immersive technology. However, the adaptation process is not in split seconds but is relatively progressive.

Augmented reality will help live casino games more, and they may be the ones that adopt it the fastest. Even at that, we will not be surprised if we get to sit on a slot machine without ever leaving our homes. When you think of what the technology is capable of, you will not rule out any possibilities.

AR will undoubtedly enhance our gaming experience beyond what we have now. Playing games will improve, and we will get closer to having the real-world casino experience, if not better.

Avatars and Using Virtual Identities

Avatars are essential for interactions in the virtual world. With its Horizon VR Avatars, Facebook brought more attention to the digital world and gave it more ways to interact. We are beginning to get a more rounded and true-to-life virtual identity with enhanced animated gestures and expressions.

Of course, you would want to see real-life reactions as you sit across from a dealer at a poker table. The only possible way to do that is by using avatars. Also, they will look very much like us and have the capability to smile, laugh, pick cards and dice up, etc.

When looking at augmented technology in online casinos, you must consider avatars. These digital replicas of ourselves will perform the interactions and give us a more real-life experience.

As research and development continue to improve avatars, online casinos gain from this.

The Future of AR Technology in Online Casinos

As more online casinos add augmented reality to their games, you can expect a more immersive gaming experience. Although the technology is still in its infancy, the promise of a full-scale adaptation is closer than we think. Moreover, we can already see its application on social media with Facebook avatars.

Instead of taking a trip to a physical casino, you can sit back and relax in your living room with augmented reality. You will need some physical devices, as we have with Oculus VR headsets. Combined with the software, these pieces of hardware will make the online casino experience more immersive than ever before.