Did you know that the Japanese gamblers spend $200 billion each year on “pachinko”? Pachinko is the Japanese version of the American slot machine. Online and offline gambling is not entirely legal in Japan. There are too many restrictions.

Still, the gambling industry seems to be flourishing. Online lottery is quite popular in Japan. おすすめのオンラインスロットゲーム (recommended online slot games) is the goto destination for online lottery and public sports. This post is intended to arm you with vital insights on online gambling in Japan.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Japan?

Japan is culturally conservative. Most people, including the governing officials of Japan, are opposed to bringing western ideas and concepts to their nation. When it comes to gambling, Japan has one of the most stringent laws on the planet.

The penal code (also known as Law No. 45) is more than a century old. Law No. 45 is one of the six primary criminal systems in Japan. Breaking the law can result in severe consequences.

Having said that, Japan is tolerant of some skill-based gambling games. Betting on horse racing and motorsports is allowed up to a certain limit. Also, gamblers can place a wager on public sports, lottery, and toto (football pools). The games mentioned above can be played both online and offline.

The government of Japan has made the above-mentioned social games legal due to the growing concerns with the economy. The Japanese gamblers do not hold back when it comes to placing large sums of money as a wager. Legalizing certain games has turned out to be a win-win strategy.

Did you know that Japanese employees are working themselves to death? This phenomenon is so wide-spread that there is a word for it: Karoshi. Social gambling games like public sports and toto are a major source of entertainment for the hard-working Japanese populace.

The Future of Online Gambling in Japan

Currently, Japan is run by a constitutional monarchy. Several political parties work together in unison. The most important decision is made unanimously. However, the conservative part of the political system does not want to plant westerns ideas and culture into the minds of Japanese people.

Allowing citizens access to online games like poker and blackjack could pose a severe threat to the centuries-old Japanese culture. Still, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) is thriving to force new laws in Japan. The intention is to boost tourism in Japan by opening casinos and getting the tourists to wage on Japanese casino games.

As far as sports betting is concerned, the Japanese citizens are allowed to visit restaurant integrated casinos no more than three times a week. However, the online version of sports betting is still not made available. Also, the physical casinos are quite expensive for regular people to visit. They charge 6,000 yen as cover.


A Japanese citizen or a tourist in Japan must adhere to the strict rules and regulations about online gambling. Public sports, lottery, and football pools are your only options when it comes to online gambling. Rest, you can bet on horse racing and motorsports by visiting an authorized store or a gambling bar.