Online casinos are inarguably one of the top innovations of the internet. They have managed to eliminate the constraints that come with land casinos. Gamblers get fast access to casinos from anywhere, online casinos that accept Paypal and other flexible means of payment, a variety in games plus many other benefits that are made possible by the internet.

For decades, online and land casinos have seen some achievements deemed worth noting down. Some have even earned a spot at the Guinness World Book of Records. The following is a list of the top 5 most bizarre achievements in the history of casinos.

1. Stephen de Raffael Black Jack dealing Record
Willingly spending a lot of time on something that other people would die to get out of is considered a show of resilience, commitment, and passion. Dealing blackjack is definitely one of those things most people wouldn’t enjoy doing for an extended period of time.

A full-time casino dealer typically spends 8-9 hours at work. This includes a 20-minute break after every hour. Stephen, known for accrediting some of the most renowned casinos of the world, spent 52 hours dealing Black Jack at the Oracle Casino. Quite impressively, he only stopped for a 15-minute break after every 8 hours when doing the rounds.

2. Farthest card throw
Ever tried throwing a card? It’s equally hard as throwing a feather.
The farthest card throw was by Rick Smith Junior on March 2002. Thrown at 92 mph, it reached a rounded off figure of 217 feet. Despite being a magician, Smith’s throw has continued to wow many to date. He has made appearances on a number of shows including Shark Tank, America Got Talent, and the Prime Time Show.

3. Biggest slot machine tournament
Without a doubt, slot machines would carry the award for the number one Gamblers’ favorite any day. Sadly, physical slot machines are not many in number. Mohegan Sun, a casino in the U.S, in conjunction with Bally Technologies made a leap at overcoming this reality by hosting the biggest slot machine tournament. In an event attended by 5000 people, nearly 1150 slot machines were powered up. Two heats were rounded up in 24 hours. The winner took home a $50000 cash price. 200 winners also won a combined jackpot of $100000.

Closely afterward, the same group broke the record for having the most slot machines with one game running at the same time. In the event, 1600 slot machines were running the same game at the same time.

4. Biggest blackjack dealing platform ever
Bigger is always better. Big is more affordable in sales, fits better in fashion and is clearer when it comes to entertainment. Casinos have not being left behind when it comes to bringing in bigger.

Back in 2012, Viejas Casino built the largest Blackjack Table. This was during an event held to commemorate their 21st anniversary. While the typical blackjack table is 19 feet, their table measured exactly 2226 square feet. To match the size of the platform, they also created huge cards and chips.

5. Biggest virtual poker event
Poker events are known for drawing crowds, mostly fans who want to better their repertoire at the sport by watching the experts play. Today, however, most players have shifted their attention online. As a result, tournaments are now held online and they are more or less a no-fans affair.

The largest poker event was held online on Poker Stars. The event attracted more than 220,000 players. Players only required a $1 to join the fleet of players. These buy-ins amounted to a 19 million chip pot for the winner of the tournament.

6. Billy Benter – the man who was banned from casinos
Winning a casino bonus is a shortcut in life that almost everyone dreams of. What if you develop a strategy for winning in Casinos and Casinos started seeing you as a threat? This happened to Billy Benter, a man renowned bringing down most Vegas casinos, after which he moved to Hong Kong as a horse racing gambler. Using his statistical tools for analysis, Billy’s earnings are estimated to be about $100 million annually.

7. The man who made his first bet when he was only 9 years old
Today, all betting sites only allow people who are of legal age to participate. Before this rule came to be enforced, Billy Walters, today’s most feared sports gambler, made his first bet when he was only 9 years old.

8. Biggest slot payouts in history
Slot winnings are known for two things: changing lives and very unpredictable in nature. The largest payout at an online casino amounted to a staggering 25 million where the player staked less than a dollar!

9. A crap roll never seen before
Crap roll is a thrilling game enjoyed by players both online and at land Casinos. Patricia DeMauro, an expert at this sport, currently holds the record for the longest crap roll. She rolled out 154 throws in about 4 hours and 20 minutes.