Are you in love in cuddly anime MMO`? This time we are talking about the cutest online MMO you could find a couple of months ago. MapleStory 2 comes with plenty of actions to take part of and for all type of players. Even if you are the solo type of player or you love to join guilds and parties, this game is for you. But why do you think people love this game so much? And why do many people keep playing it? We will give 6 reasons why players love MapleStory 2

  1. Anime with Performance

Nothing much to say about his ancestor, the 2D MapleStory was not much of a bomb game. But, this gorgeous, the MapleStory 2 feels like an awesome upgrade. It captures that MapleStory essence thanks to the characters, music and aesthetics and while it isn`t the flashiest of games out there, its definitely a bright and vibrant world that Maple fans expect. It is incredible how fast the game runs with absolutely no hiccups.

  1. Your own creative hub

So many players were in love with this game because it would give you the opportunity to create your own world and figures. With just a click of a button, you would gain access to the UGC Workshop and start creating whatever you wanted. You could even create your own design and do anything with them. Weapons, mounts, clothes, even decorations for your house.

  1. “Your House” system

The idea is simple. From the start of the game you get a free house just for you. As far as you level up, you would gather decorations to customize your house. The build mode is astonishing because you can literally customize everything you have picked up. And there are a lot of items you can put your hands on. You can even put chicken eggs inside your house

  1. Pay for benefits

Yea, it was the beginning of a new playing style. With a subscription of a $5 per month you get the option to instant travel. You can pay real money for some services but this is not disturbing the game experience at all. You see, there are no items selling in-game for real money. If you grind something, it will be rewarding. They wanted the game to sustain itself and be a develop a very good gaming experience for the audience. The currency in game is called MapleStory 2 Mesos. Like any other MMO type games, it have their own in-game economy.

  1. Trophies and progress

You cannot ignore the content that zones would give you in the form if Exploration progression that awards Trophies. The game will offer you more than just a killing mobs experience. You are going to have to work hard for your game progress. You can go fishing, housing, play music and even crafting. All these mini-games makes a funny experience out of this game. Every 30 minutes you could join a quiz instance, or a dance standoff with other players.

  1. Earn by playing the game

Remember what we`ve told you about the items that you grind? Well, there are some places on the internet like where a lot of players are showing off their items and equipment. That’s not all of it, they are even asking prices for these. What I`m trying to say is that you can sell some of our items for real money and make a living out of this game. You can grind items all day and the next day you can buy dinner with money that you made from grinding.

These are the reasons we love this game. You can have fun, earn things and make money.