Best Hidden Object Adventure Games of 2014

With the year 2015 just around the corner, we’ve decided to look back at all the hidden object adventure games released in 2014 to select the best of […]

Titan’s Cancellation and the Future of the MMORPG

Blizzard shocked the world with the cancellation of Titan, their next-generation MMORPG and poised spiritual successor to World of Warcraft. Seven years into development, and acting on the […]

Twitch Will Only Get Worse

Twitch is being bought by Google, a multi-billion dollar company and easily the most powerful entity on the internet. Not only do they have the most popular search […]

Metrico Review

I love maths. It’s not very often I get to say so and even when I do, it generally results in some awkward looks my way, followed abruptly […]

EA Access: No One Surprised At All

EA, at the surprise of almost no one, chose to hop onto the Subscription train with EA Access, which offers the opportunity to get free games for five […]



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