Dying Light – Frightening First Impressions

Good night and good luck – Dying Light’s killer motto, and as much as it pains me to say it, luck is exactly what you will need as you […]

Assassins Creed Unity – Maybe You Should Take It Easy, Ubisoft?

Assassins Creed, a famously addictive historical series of games. Since 2007 it has quite successfully told the stories of a multitude of dramatically different protagonists, spanning over several […]

Best Cheap Gaming Laptop of 2015: Under $1,000

With today’s prices, could it be possible to get a decent gaming laptop for under $1,000? Although not easy to find and definitely not as powerful as a […]

Best Time Management Games of 2014

Today we continue to look back at the great game launches in 2014 in the casual gaming world, and we’re going to check out the best time management […]

Best Hidden Object Adventure Games of 2014

With the year 2015 just around the corner, we’ve decided to look back at all the hidden object adventure games released in 2014 to select the best of […]




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