Rock Band: Why We Need an Encore

As of today, the genre of music games is dead and over-saturation is the culprit. A total of 15 Guitar Hero games and eight Rock Band games were released from [...]

Grab These PS4 Destiny Beta Codes

Bungie and Activision’s much anticipated Destiny Beta is go! It’s not a lot, we know, but below you will find some Destiny Beta codes. They’re first come, first [...]

Five Ways Morality in Games Needs to Be Fixed

Moral issues and choices are extremely commonplace in games today and, for whatever reason, often touted as a major selling point that totally alters the direction of the [...]

The Lowdown on Sony’s E3 Indie Games

During Sony’s pre-E3 conference, and between the wealth of impressive AAA titles, they showcased a showreel of indie games being brought to the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita [...]

Half Year Recap: Exceeded Expectations

It’s been half a year so far, and plenty of high profile games have been released to the waiting public, prepared to love them or loathe them. For [...]




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