Mechanics and Movie-Games: How Do They Do It?

We all know it’s common that movies and shows become popular game titles either just before release as a marketing promotion. However, a question worth asking is: how [...]

The 10 Sexiest Video Games Ever

Our personal belief here at Unigamesity is that there are not enough games for adults out there and it appears that not even the new generation of consoles [...]

The Wolf Among Us Episode 3: A Crooked Mile Review

When Telltale Games finished the first season of The Walking Dead, people wondered how they could possibly top their magnum opus. To the surprise of many, they announced [...]

Super Amazon Deals of the Week: GTA Collections, Max Payne and More

There are some really hot promotions running at Amazon right now and you might want to check them out if you’re looking to save a buck or 100. [...]

The Best Gaming Headset of 2014

Gaming without wearing a great gaming headset is an incomplete experience. You might have the best surround sound system in the world, but if you game without a [...]



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