After months of rumors and a couple of weeks of waiting, Zynga finally decided to release CityVille to the public, making their entrance in an already crowded area, that of city management and simulation games, where titles like Social City and Millionaire City used to top the charts. Will they manage to beat the competition once more and prove that they are indeed the number one social games company? Only time will tell!

Until then, all we have to do is play CityVille and enjoy everything about it – and there are quite some things to enjoy, if we are to go for our first impression. The visual look of the game is really cool, the complexity of the game is huge, without making CityVille a hard to play title or one that needs days of practice before mastering and, will all the little bits in place (like neighbors, gifts, goals and upcoming wonders), CityVille seems to be a really good product from Zynga.

Therefore, I really suggest you click this link and play CityVille – pretty soon you’ll notice that you need to add more CityVille neighbors and I’ve found the perfect place for you to do it, so have fun and don’t forget to let us know what do you think about this game: do you like it or not?