Zynga has decided that we don’t have enough missions on our heads already and wanted to test our FrontierVille skills once more by releasing the Mutton Busting Timed Quest in the game. I am sure that you’re curious to find out what are the requirements before actually clicking that “Accept” button, so read on to find out everything about the Mutton Bustin timed quest!

First of all, let’s start with the requirements for completing the quest:

– Tend 40 of your neighbors’ sheep
– Collect 5 rodeo vests
– Collect 10 pairs of rodeo gloves

Pretty simple requirements, if you are to ask me – all we need to do is to keep visiting neighbors and ask our friends for some extra items (we also receive one if we send one, so it pays to be helpful) and we’ll complete the quest in no time. However, we don’t have more than three days to complete the Mutton Bustin quest in FrontierVille, so make sure that your neighbors have enough sheep!

After completing the timed quest, you will receive as a reward 1 dinner, 1,000 XP points and 1 Hitchin Post. Good luck!