Why King Kaka is the New Face of Crypto and Rap Industry

King Kaka is slowly rising to be one of the best rap icons and he’s now one of the faces of the crypto industry. The Kenyan superstar has proved to be a reliable face in both industries as he brings a lot of change with his voice to spread how great a collaboration can be.

Crypto has been slowly making a push to a lot of industries all over the world such as sports, art, and entertainment. King Kaka’s rise as the new partner of Bitcoin betting site Bitcasino has proven to be a huge spark for the crypto industry.

King Kaka’s success only shows why it is always important to be an active icon in the rap industry. Since his debut in 2006, King Kaka has thrived and showcased both his career and business.

The collaboration between King Kaka and Bitcasino.io will make waves in both the rap and crypto news industry. This will also make his fans a follower of the brands he collaborates with and bettors of the platform a fan of his.

Who is King Kaka?

Kennedy Ombima, more known as King Kaka, is one of the best Kenyan rappers known for his signature creativity and innovation. He is an award-winning rapper who has seen a lot of success over the years. King Kaka’s drip and strong style showed that he is one of the unique icons in the country.

The African star is all about getting the best deals in life. His move to be the front of Bitcasino’s VIP programme and its benefits is slowly putting him at a great spot to become more of a popular icon not just for his music, but for his trust with Bitcasino.io.

When it comes to thrills and entertainment, Bitcasino has been good at picking the right people, and they even kept the ‘real and creative’ tag by putting in King Kaka. This is a new era that brings the best of Bitcasino’s VIP gaming with a whole new partnership as well.

With a luxurious online gaming experience, Bitcasino prides itself on King Kaka’s position as the new global ambassador. His stage as one of the best rappers out there and influence will work well to spread the word about the many perks that come with playing at Bitcasino.

King Kaka’s mindset on crypto

King Kaka’s experience with crypto has been a great one for him. When he signed the deal with Bitcasino, the rapper was quickly given a treat with a flight to London and a ticket to an Arsenal game against West Ham at the Emirates Stadium.

On top of that, it was a vacation at one of the best high-end hotels in the area. This is what made King Kaka optimistic about how crypto works and what he can do to help out on it. Kaka said the experience was surreal for him.

‘I was at the VIP box inside the stadium where I was served unlimited drinks and food by a chef. I wondered whether I was in a stadium or a hotel’, King Kaka said. ‘I spent the nights at a suite at Hilton and the Kenyans I met in London offered me a place to crash but I told them I was booked at the Hilton Hotel’.

King Kaka also earns extra income as the brand ambassador for Remy Martin, a global beverage brand. He is also linked to the likes of Safaricom, UNICEF Kenya, Fly Skyward Express and Dentmind Garden City Mall.

Aside from being an all-around ambassador, King Kaka is also an influencer for Sony Middle East, Coca-Cola Africa, Showmax, and Peptang. This just proves why King Kaka and Bitcasino.io are a perfect click for a lot of people and could lead to a much bigger future for the star as well.

King Kaka is the best example on how musicians can use their platform to make an impact in society and be a successful businessman as well. His partnership with Bitcasino.io is just a proof of how he can go further with crypto in tow.