Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Conspiracy is a third person action game based on the universe surrounding fictional hero Jason Bourne. The game was developed by High Moon Studios and published by Sierra. It was released on June 3, 2008. Below you will find a full collection of codes and hints for Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Conspiracy for PlayStation 3.


Automatic shotguns

Silenced light machine guns

Bonus music track

Additional concept art
Enter LASTCHANCEMARIE as a code.


Hidden passport locations

  1. When you reach level 2 of the garage, search for a green exit sign. A few policemen will exit there. Take care of them and enter the room. Go up the stairs and look to the left to find the passport.
  2. When you reach level 1 of the garage, go to the back of the toll gate. The passport is located between two police cars. Please note: There are lots of terrorists.
  3. At the opposite of the garage exit, look for a sign advertising Zurich. The passport is there. Note: You may need to kill a few enemies to reach it.
  4. After you enter the airport, go up the right escalator. There is a row of telephones in the far right corner. The passport will be in one of the booths.
  5. When the security doors close on you, look for a fenced-up area. It resembles an area of sandbags. Look there to find the passport.
  6. While advancing through the airport shops, look for a shop named “Bucher und Geschenke”. There are two such shops, but one of them is locked. Go behind the counter of the open shop to find the passport.
  7. At a checkpoint where you fight enemies at a square counter of monitors, go the section of the counter opposite from the door where you entered.
  8. When jumping the train cars, after you jump the fourth one the passport can be found along the wall of the train car.

Please note: there are two more locations. Feel free to share them with us if you happen to know them.