Blackjack is one of the few casino games which can beat the house edge. But to be a successful blackjack player, you need a lot of practice, patience, and persistence. Like other sports, you cannot master it in a few hours or days. To win, the perfect combination of dexterity, proper bankroll management, and the right outlook is needed. To be a profound blackjack player, you must have a good understanding of the basic strategies. You must develop a nerve of steel while making decisions. Learning advance strategies and deviations will be futile if you make basic strategy mistakes. Basic strategies should be memorized.

Basic strategy

Memorize and recite the chart regularly, Values of face cards and aces should come effortlessly to you as breathing. After you memorize the entire chart, put it to practice. Play free blackjack online to the horn and master your skill. Download training app like;” card counting training pro” in your mobile device. This app is fully compatible with iOS, Android, or Windows phones. The more you practice, the more proficient you become with basic strategies. Review your own performance so you can evolve and develop new skills.

How to count cards

The first step of card counting is to take a deck of cards of 52 and start counting it. If you do not end at zero, then there is some mistake committed by you. This will facilitate the language of card counting. While you play live blackjack, you will treat four of clubs not as that but as “+1”.After a lot of practice, you will see cards as +1, or-1.fter you have completed the learning of the language of card counting, it is time to master the art of counting the way it is in reality dealt at the casino tables. Practice it slowly and steadily, which you make you perfect in card counting. If you want some firsthand experience, visit a brick and mortar casino, stand behind the table and keep an open eye on the proceeding. Do not get involved in the game. If you go through the entire session without dropping or missing a card, then you are ready for real action.

Online casinos

They provide interactive card counting trainer, which is software which will teach you how to count cards correctly and accurately. You need not be a genius to excel in it, just be keen to learn a technique mathematically proven to have the edge over others. On these online casinos, you can play online blackjack, baccarat online, slots, roulettes, video poker, crap, and other live casino games. Card counting is a strategy, which can be mastered by anyone who possesses average intelligence and a keen attitude. When you learn this technique, you can recognize when the advantage is shifting towards the dealer or towards you. On this understanding, you can modify, alter your bet according to the situation and circumstance. It is proven over time that high-value cards like; tens, kings, queens, jacks, and aces benefit players more than dealers, while low-value cards benefit the dealer.