New in Town is a brand new game from Digital Chocolate, one that I recommended to you recently in my review of the game, and I have decided to go even one step further and help you get the most out of the game by sharing with you these New in Town tips and tricks in what hopefully will become a full strategy guide for this simulation game on Facebook.

The main challenge in New in Town is that of managing your time in order to make money to pay the rent and buy the necessary stuff for your character, stay healthy and keep your happiness up, go and study some more and still find time to socialize with your friends. This is a real challenge, but not impossible to do once you get to know how things are going in the game!

Therefore, you can imagine that Time (the “energy” of the game and the indicator of how many things you can do during the day) is a very important resource and you should do your best to keep it to maximum levels. You normally start the day with 1,000 time that can be spent on whatever you want, but it decreases if your happiness level is under 750 or if you are hungry. You can also get extra 50 time per day if you go to sleep with some time left in your inventory.

It would also be wise to increase the available time your character has by going to the GYM and enroll in a class there – the more time you have, the more you can do each day.

PRO TIP: Even though every action requires 100 energy for you to complete (except for walking from a place to another), if you have below 100 you can still perform an action. Also, you don’t have to go to your apartment to sleep, you will automatically be taken there!

How to work in New in Town
In order to have some money, you will have to work in the game. Getting a job is easy: just go to the city hall and look at the jobs available. However, most of them will require skills that you don’t have, but can learn by taking classes. But make sure that you get a job to start with and actually go to work. The best idea would be to get the best paying job you can get, because you will always lose 60 happiness when working, no matter what job you have. And in order to work, you actually have to go to your work place and click the “Work” button every time you feel like.

How to Increase Happiness in New in Town
There are a lot of things you can do in the game to increase happiness and your goal should be that of keeping your daily happiness above 750: go to the cinema, eat, buy items, pet your animals or perform actions that allow you to increase happiness, as you unlock new areas in the Big City.

So as long as you find a way to keep a balance between hunger, happiness, money and time, you should be OK. Try to learn the locations you have to travel to and how much time they consume and create patterns: it’s better to do things one step at a time rather than losing a lot of time traveling from one corner of the city to another to do your daily tasks. Pretty soon you will be very good at this!

I hope you have fun playing New in Town and this Strategy Guide was useful. If you have other tips and tricks to share with us, please comment below.