I believe that this Christmas has already brought us the greatest updates in the history of FarmVille (and more might follow!). But right now we should enjoy a ton of new decorative items, as well as the couple of new buildings introduced to the game in order to give us all the needed items to have a true Christmas-themed virtual farm!

About half of the new items can be purchased for FarmVille cash only. These are:

Dancing SnowLady (25 FV cash, 750 experience) – an animated decorative item!
Redwood Tree (5 FV cash, 50 XP)
Ice Lake (22 FV cash, 650 XP)
Cow in Snowpile (14 FV cash, 200 XP)
Snow Angel (12 FV cash, 200 XP)
Snowy Through (5 FV cash, 60 XP)
Building: Igloo (16 FV cash, 450 XP)

We also have a bunch of really great items and one building we can purchase using regular coins:

Giant Snowflake 1, 2 and 3 (each costs 1,500 coins, gives you 15 XP)
Luminary Fence (1,000 coins, 10 XP)
Reindeer topiary (3,400 coins, 34 XP)
Lighted Hedge (1,200 coins, 12 XP)
Holiday Lantern (1,400 coins, 14 XP)
Building: Lodge (800,000 coins, 8,000 XP)

Very cool items, you can check out some of them in the images below: