Live Blackjack

Blackjack is undeniably one of the most popular casino games today. During the early online casino wave in the late 90s and early 2000s, blackjack was one of the first games to be adapted into an online format.

Over time, technology evolved, and it became possible for players to enjoy live games like they would in a physical casino. Once again, blackjack was at the forefront of this massive iGaming evolution. Players can now enjoy live dealer blackjack from the comfort of their homes and any time they choose.

This article will explore how gamers can take advantage of live blackjack and experience casino gaming like never before. If you’re interested in playing the card game live with dealers, here is a list of live blackjack games for US players that you can play for real money.

What is Live Blackjack 

Live blackjack is an online variation of blackjack where players play against human dealers that are dealing on an actual table that’s located either in a studio or a real life casino. Like in real life tables, there are designated spaces for players with microchip readers built into these spaces.

When the croupier deals the card to the spaces, their microchips are read, and the card graphics are displayed on the player’s screen. The player then proceeds to place bets and take actions like he would in a standard game. The dealer also takes action, and if the player wins, he’s paid automatically. An automatic shuffler is used to shuffle the cards.

Types of Live Blackjack 

Live blackjack has different variants, and the one you choose to play will depend on your budget, style of play, and the type of experience you’re looking for. Here are the two major variants you’ll find at most online casinos.

1. Infinite Blackjack 

This is the more common variant and features unlimited players playing the same hand. You can either stand or hit; this decision doesn’t affect anyone else but you. If you stand, the hand stops for you and continues for those that hit. So while you’re playing the hand simultaneously with several other players, you’re still playing alone.

2. Real Table Blackjack 

Real table blackjack emulates real life blackjack in that players are seated like in a real casino, and they all get dealt their own separate hands. After each player has been dealt hands, the dealer goes to them one after the other.

This variant takes longer to complete, but it’s far more enjoyable. Also, due to the nature of the game and how unproductive they can be, real table live blackjack games usually have higher limits, $25 and above.

Benefits of Live Blackjack

Online blackjack against real life dealers offers a wave of benefits and opportunities to modern casino players. Here are some of these benefits.

I. A More Engaging Casino Experience 

A live casino is something most gamers wish to experience, but due to several factors like proximity and cost, it’s not always possible. With live blackjack, players can at least get a taste of it. For one, instead of playing against an RNG system like in standard online blackjack games, you’ll be playing against real life dealers and with other players too. 

The table will be real, the cards will be real, and the level of immersion will be better. All this at an almost nonexistent cost; you can sit comfortably in your home with a glass of wine while enjoying your favorite game.

II. Higher Stakes Game

To some players, the risk of high stakes games adds an extra flavor to their blackjack experience. Sadly with video blackjack, the stakes are usually very low, and even games that allow high stakes can’t offer the same realism and thrills as a real life casino. This is different from live blackjack where you can play a high stakes game, and it doesn’t feel like you’re just throwing money at a computer machine.

III. Different Variants and Bet Limits

While live blackjack might be perfect for players looking for high stakes games, they are not strictly reserved for them. There are different bet limits to cater to different types of players. Also, most casinos offer a diverse range of table options. You can choose by language, game variant, and number of players.

IV. Mobile Live Blackjack 

In addition to being able to play at any time and from anywhere in the world, you can also play live blackjack from your smartphone. All you need is access to the internet, and you’re good to go. This adds a layer of convenience to the package, making it almost irresistible.

The Bottom Line

The online gambling industry has evolved so much that players no longer have to visit a land-based casino before they get the thrilling casino experience. With live blackjack, you can play against real life dealers, and players from the comfort of your home. For players interested in this gaming experience, this article has explored the different types of live blackjack and the benefits of playing the card game live at online casinos.