Fallout 76

For many years, Fallout fans have yearned for a cooperative experience. While the Fallout franchise has been a single-player game since the late 1990s, Fallout 76 finally allowed players to team up with other real-world gamers. 

Even if the game was not well regarded, it was a significant step forward for the brand. Fallout 76 still has some challenges to overcome by 2022, but it’s doing very well as an MMORPG product in a somewhat specialized genre.

In this article, we examine the present state of Fallout 76 crossplay, prospective future improvements, and the greater breadth of multiplayer compatibility in this legendary wasteland.

What Is Crossplay?

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Cross-play refers to any online multiplayer game that allows you to play with anyone, regardless of their platform or device. That is, your friends can have an Xbox Series X, and you can have a PS5, and you can still play online with them.

Cross-platform gaming is rather simple to grasp based on these two phrases. This word refers to a game accessible on several platforms and has a multiplayer feature that may be played by any internet user, regardless of the device or console they are using. Isn’t it simple?

Does Fallout 76 Have Cross Platform Compatibility?

Fallout 76

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Unfortunately, Fallout 76 does not enable cross-platform compatibility, meaning gamers from various platforms, such as Xbox and PC, cannot team up and play together. However, there is some optimism for Game Pass subscribers since they can play alongside people who buy the game on Steam. 

While gamers expecting a genuinely cross-platform experience may be disappointed, the availability of cross-play capabilities varies between games, and in the case of Fallout 76, it is limited to select platform combinations.

Bethesda has not issued an official statement on whether or not they expect to add cross-platform compatibility to Fallout 76 in the future. However, there is a growing community need for this capability, so it is possible that it may be included at some time.

Fallout 76: Multiplayer Features

Fallout 76 is a multiplayer online game developed by Bethesda Game Studios. Players can explore the game’s universe alone or with up to four others. Various multiplayer modes and gaming choices are available.

  • Adventure mode: Fallout 76’s default multiplayer mode is the most popular gameplay method. In Adventure mode, players may explore the game area, complete missions, and customize their characters.
  • Survival mode: It arrived in 2019 and provides a more intensive PvP experience. In survival mode players can fight each other from anywhere globally, and there is no option to opt out of PvP.
  • Battle royale: Nuclear Winter is a battle royale mode that came out in 2019. Nuclear Winter pits 52 people against each other in a race to the finish line.

Importance Of Multiplayer In Fallout 76’s World-Building

The world-building in Fallout 76 is mainly reliant on multiplayer. The gaming world is meant to be a shared space where players may interact in several ways. 

Players can, for example, trade items, aid one another in accomplishing objectives, or work together to construct projects. One of the things that set Fallout 76 apart is its feeling of shared community.

Importance Of Multiplayer

  • Playing with friends adds a layer of fun and excitement to the game, increasing its pleasure and interest. You may engage in daring adventures, explore unknown territory, and see your characters mature and flourish as a team. 
  • Engaging in player-versus-player (PvP) battles, on the other hand, adds a fascinating challenge to gaming. 
  • To preserve your life, you must maintain continual attention and strategic planning against any attacks from other players. Furthermore, collaborating with other players to overcome difficult events and objectives provides pleasant results.

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Crossplay In Fallout 76

Fallout 76 was released in 2018 without crossplay compatibility. This meant that people from other platforms, such as Xbox and PC, couldn’t play together. This decision was taken for several reasons, including:

  • Technical challenges: Cross-platform communication may be difficult, especially if the platforms employ different networking technology.
  • Business concerns: Some publishers may hesitate to implement crossplay if they believe it would lower their game sales on a certain platform.

Bethesda’s Decision To Introduce Cross-Play Support

Bethesda stated in 2021 that Fallout 76 would feature crossplay capability. Many gamers wanted cross-play for years, so this was a pleasant change. Bethesda chose to include cross-play capabilities for numerous reasons:

  • Community demand: The Fallout 76 community indicated a strong desire for crossplay. Many people requested the opportunity to play with friends who utilized various platforms.
  • Technical advancements: In recent years, the barriers to embracing crossplay have been reduced. This simplified Bethesda’s approach to crossplay in Fallout 76.

Fallout 76’s Current State Of Crossplay

Crossplay is presently limited to Xbox and PC gamers in Fallout 76. Crossplay is not currently available to PlayStation players. On the other hand, Bethesda has stated that they are working on adding PlayStation support.

  • When crossplay is enabled, players from different platforms can see and join each other’s teams in the game world. They can also exchange products and attend activities together.
  • Fallout 76 has benefited from the addition of cross-play. It has enabled users to connect with their friends across platforms and play the game together.

Crossplay Platforms

Challenges and technical considerations for crossplay implementation

  • Crossplay implementation presents some obstacles and technological issues that developers must negotiate. One such problem is balancing the hardware and control variations between platforms like PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. 
  • Balancing gaming fairness and delivering a uniform experience across devices may be difficult. Another challenge is coordinating game updates and patches across numerous platforms, necessitating rigorous synchronization to minimize delays and differences in user experiences. 

Furthermore, combining disparate network infrastructures and security protocols complicates crossplay implementation, needing special attention to smooth and safe communication.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Crossplay Across Platforms

Benefits Of Crossplay 

  • Crossplay broadens the potential player pool, shortening matchmaking times and assuring a more lively and active community.
  • Enhanced Social Connectivity: Regardless of the gaming platform, players may connect and play with friends, generating a sense of community and camaraderie.
  • Crossplay can avoid player fragmentation and keep the game relevant for a longer period of time by prolonging the longevity of multiplayer games.

Crossplay’s Disadvantages

  • Certain platforms may provide benefits regarding controls or performance, perhaps leading to imbalances in competitive games.
  • Technical flaws or differences between platforms might impede the smooth operation of crossplay, resulting in a disappointing experience for players.
  • Integrating disparate platforms poses privacy and security problems, necessitating cautious handling of player data and communication.

Future Of Crossplay In Fallout 76

Bethesda might potentially broaden crossplay to include PlayStation players. This would allow all PC, Xbox, and PlayStation players to play together.

Another option is for Bethesda to include cross-progression in Fallout 76. This would allow players to advance their characters across several platforms. A person, for example, may begin playing on PC and later move to Xbox without losing their progress.

Finally, Bethesda might introduce new features intended exclusively for crossplay. They may, for example, offer a new game mode exclusively available to crossplay participants.


Crossplay in games can pose both problems and technological considerations, such as hardware differences and network integration. 

However, crossplay has various benefits when executed correctly, including a larger player base, enhanced social connectivity, and increased game lifespan. 

Crossplay has the ability to improve multiplayer experiences and promote a more inclusive and connected gaming community as the gaming industry evolves.