Is Ark Cross Platform: Complete Guide to Ark Crossplay Gaming

Is Ark Cross Platform: Complete Guide to Ark Crossplay Gaming

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Survival games are always more fun when you play them with your friends. But what happens when you play on a PlayStation and your friend uses an Xbox? Well, can you play Ark cross-platform?

This is a common and recurring question that almost every gamer has. Wanting to ditch the gaming platform and play unanimously with friends is a common thought. The good news is that your questions will be answered.

In this guide, we will walk you through everything related to cross-platform gaming and whether or not Ark is cross-platform.

What Is Cross-Platform?

Cross-platform gaming refers to allowing players from different gaming platforms (such as consoles, PCs, and mobile devices) to play multiplayer games together in the same game environment, regardless of their specific platform.

For example, let’s assume you are playing a game on PS4, and your friend is playing the same game on Xbox One. If the game is cross-platform, you’d be able to play the game together, irrespective of the difference in the consoles you are using.

Traditionally, gaming platforms were often isolated from one another, with games being developed and hosted exclusively for a specific platform. However, with the advancement of technology and growing demand from players, many game developers and publishers have started implementing cross-platform functionality to create a more inclusive and connected gaming experience.

The Evolution Of ARK: Survival Evolved

Before unveiling whether ARK: Survival Evolved is cross-platform, let us reel back a little. This action-adventure game, developed by Studio Wildcard, was released in 2015. The full release happened in 2017.

Following its initial release, the platforms that the game supported were:

  • Microsoft Windows
  •  Xbox One
  • PlayStation 4
  • Android
  •  iOS
  • Nintendo Switch

So, all the standard gaming consoles supported the game. Players could easily install it on their relevant gaming console and get started.

The cross-platform feature on ARK was released in 2017. However, there are certain restrictions. It is not cross-platform with every gaming console since there are limitations with the game versions and the technical constraints too.

The cross-platform introduction allowed players from different platforms (specifically Xbox One and PC) to play together on the same servers, effectively merging the player communities from these two platforms.

The best thing about introducing cross-platform for ARK: Survival Evolved was to create a more diverse and dynamic gaming environment for the players.

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Is ARK: Survival Evolved Cross-Platform?

To answer in short, Ark is cross-platform. This is great because now you can enjoy the game across different consoles and with your friends.

You need to understand that there are two sides to a coin. Ark is indeed cross-platform, but it isn’t cross-platform for every gaming console. 

Ark is only cross-platform for Android, iOS, Windows PC, and Xbox. It currently doesn’t support cross-play for PlayStation or between Xbox and PC.

But the good news is that if your friend is playing on an Android and you are on your iOS, you can enjoy the game together. Since it’s an open-world survival game, it becomes fun to play the game with your friends.

Which Platforms Is ARK: Survival Evolved Cross-Platform?

We discussed in brief that Ark is semi-cross-platform. So, which ones does it support, and what can you do to enable it?

Let us walk you through them in detail:

1. Android And iOS

The answer is yes if you were wondering if Ark is cross-platform between Android and iOS. So, you can enjoy the game with your friends on different Android and iOS devices.

However, there are limitations. Ark is mobile cross-platform only. So, you can’t play the game together if you are on your Android and your friend is on their Xbox.

2. Xbox And PS4

Although there is a high demand to make Ark cross-platform for Xbox and PlayStation, unfortunately, that isn’t the case. You can’t play with your friends on these systems.

There is a silver lining, though. You can enable the multiplayer mode, and if both you and your friend are playing on PlayStations, you can play the game together in the said mode. It doesn’t matter which model of PlayStation you are using.

3. PS4 And PC

Like Xbox and PS4, Ark: Survival Evolved doesn’t support cross-platform for PS4 and PC. You’d need to buy the game individually for these platforms and play them separately. It is undoubtedly disappointing, but we can’t barr the technicalities.

4. Xbox And PC

Ark supports cross-platform for Xbox and PC, which is excellent news. You can play with your friend despite being on different gaming platforms. Currently, the only cross-play with Xbox can be done with a PC. You can’t cross-play Ark with an Xbox and a mobile device.

That concludes the cross-play platforms for Ark and which ones you can consider playing on. The options are pretty limiting, so you’d have to make do.

How To Enable ARK Cross-Play?

If you have a device that supports ARK cross-play, the first step is to enable it. There are a few technicalities you need to sort out.

Here’s what we’d recommend you do:

  • Open your browser on the gaming platform
  • Select the server you wish to join
  • Set it for cross-play

Before you set up the cross-play, here’s a compatibility list you need to keep in mind:

  • PS4 players with PS5 players
  • Xbox One and Xbox Series X players
  • Most PC versions can play with other versions of the PC

So, ensuring a compatible device is vital when playing Ark cross-platform. This is what makes all the difference.

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Limitations And Considerations

While it is true that Ark is semi-cross-play, you can’t deny that it also comes with a few limitations. These can affect the gameplay experience, so we’d recommend you consider them.

Version Compatibility And Updates

With the game consistently getting updates and patches, keeping up with the compatibility can be a challenge. Different platforms have varying approval processes for updates, potentially leading to delays in releasing new content or bug fixes. So, we’d suggest you keep a check on the same.

Communication Between Platforms

One of the reasons why Ark isn’t cross-platform for all gaming platforms is due to communication issues. The voice chat and text communication options are often limiting and might not function optimally across all platforms.

Performance And Graphics Variations

Different platforms have varying hardware capabilities, leading to performance and graphics quality differences. Balancing the gameplay experience across platforms while maintaining fair competition can be challenging. The developers might need to introduce graphics settings adjustments as the game evolves.

Third-Party Server Support

In games like “ARK: Survival Evolved,” third-party servers can significantly provide customized gameplay experiences. Integrating third-party servers into a cross-platform environment requires careful consideration to ensure fair play, prevent cheating, and maintain consistent platform rules and understandings.

These are just some limitations one must consider when playing Ark cross-platform.

Future Of Cross-Platform Gaming In ARK: Survival Evolved

Ark has introduced cross-platform for particular gaming platforms. However, we can’t deny that it also comes with a few limitations.

We wouldn’t get our hopes up with no updates since the last cross-play news. Instead, we’d recommend that you keep a check on it from time to time. One of the most common features the players are looking forward to is the cross-play between PlayStation and Xbox.


If you have wondered whether or not Ark is cross-platform, we hope this answers your questions. There are undoubtedly a few limitations, but overall, it is a great start. With mobile cross-play support and easy gameplay between Xbox and PC, Ark is evolving as one of the most popular open-world action-adventure games.