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How much time in your life do you spend playing video games? And would you like to increase the percentage of this time? Luckily for real gamers and parents of kids with a passion for learning video games, this is now possible. Investigating the pattern between the production of the hormone of joy and the improvement of information perception, scientists have found a direct connection between these two facts.

In search of ways to improve the learning process in educational institutions, it was decided to use a game format for presenting the information. The first results surprised teachers and their students. Both sides noticed that interest in the subject increased and the information received more easily remained in the mind. So, if you find this opportunity interesting for yourself, there are ways.

H2 The moment when video games stopped having just an entertainment role

The moment of introducing video games into a new teaching format has proven to be effective. Since kindergarten, teachers have been using video games to make the learning process more interesting. The reason is that when you get positive emotions, you memorize incoming knowledge more productively.

There are competent companies that describe the impact of game play on learning for all ages. For example, the popular write my essay services have recently produced hundreds of papers about the progress of the role of video games in student education. Noting the positive dynamics of progress, such scientific resources support the idea of a deeper implementation of this method. Currently, universities and schools have decided to listen to these recommendations, which helps to attract more students to their educational institution.

Difference between entertainment and educational video games

Certainly, not all video games in education have a useful role when it comes to learning. For example, it will be difficult to refute the fact that Call of Duty is unlikely to help you with solving an algebra task. The use of this kind of game has a predominant entertainment function and can serve as a way to get joint emotions between students. But at the same time, games that do not carry an educational collective meaning train such personal qualities as: 

  • Reaction speed
  • Resourcefulness
  • The ability to find quick solutions for situations
  • Adaptation to changing environmental conditions

Currently, we have the opportunity to get acquainted with video games that were created for multiplayer mode. Almost always, these types of games are based on communication between students and finding solutions to the problems you are faced with. The advantage of being able to take part of the study time by playing video games is not only the educational aspect. By gathering collectively around one process, you provide an increase in the level of socialization of students of all ages. Researchers prove that this particular problem is one of the most global in our time. Thus, games play an important role in improving these indicators in educational institutions.

What will we get in perspective using video games in education

There is still a large percentage of people among us who are skeptical about video games as such. But as statistics show, after they learn more about the fact that there are games used to develop certain skills, their opinion changes. In fact, in order for the use of video games to become possible, it is still necessary to take a few steps to mainstream this method into education. 

Experts say that by taking the following measures, video games will increasingly appear as part of the educational program: 

  • Working with parents of elementary school students. As we said above, many parents do not welcome the fact that their child spends a lot of time with video games. But by showing real statistics on the progress of information perception, it becomes quite possible to prepare the older generation for the fact that the implementation of the video games educational process is a working method.
  • Changes in the studying program of educational institutions. At a time when students are ready to spend their time playing, a great responsibility falls on their teachers. Here the issue of choosing a study time is relevant, in which it becomes possible to add a game element.
  • Technical part. Provided that all parties are open to exploring the new possibilities of video games, the availability of having technological devices is key. Thus, each educational institution will need to have its own budget in order to translate the idea into reality. 

Even when it seems like the process is pretty straightforward, there is always a side of the medal that requires increased attention. At the same time, many have already begun the process of translating these conditions into reality. Slowly but surely, games are becoming an important part of our life and this is a positive trend. Therefore, we strongly believe in the success of the collaboration between video games and education.