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Live Casino Games in Canada: Diversifying Your Leisure

Along with spinning reels in slot machines, Canadians adore live casino gaming. Thanks to innovative technologies it became possible to organize table games with real croupiers using networks and special equipment. As for customers, the only thing they need is to sign up for one of the digital platforms, make a deposit and start playing right from their homes. If you want to know the main principles and advantages of this type of gambling, then keep reading our article.

What is a Casino with a Live Dealer?

It is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in virtual establishments and the main reason why some players choose this or that website. Every reputable casino offers real-time games with croupiers. Opposite to online slots, where the paylines are formed by RNG, live games include poker, roulette, baccarat, and blackjack, where the clients can influence the result. 

In this type of entertainment, customers play not with a bot, but with a live person, who draws cards in a specially equipped studio a thousand miles away from your location. But despite this fact, both dealers and players can communicate via game chat. 

Sometimes a casino online with live dealers broadcasts games right from the brick-and-mortar halls, but in other cases, organizing live competitions requires renting a studio, purchasing special equipment, and hiring additional staff. Every real-time game is costly for business owners, so clients can participate only for money. Free modes are not provided.

Games with live dealers

The most popular games for live broadcasting are classic ones:

  • Roulette. The game principles are the same as in land-based establishments, although the wheel can be smaller. A dealer takes bets on numbers, colors, even, or odds, runs a roulette, and throws a ball. When clients’ stakes win, they receive a payout. If they lose, a live online casino takes their money.
  • Baccarat. There is a traditional version which lasts 48 seconds and a speed one, with 27 seconds. As the game is quick enough, its rules are simple too. Players should collect two or three cards with a value bigger than the opponent.
  • Poker. Texas Hold’em, Caribbean, Three Cards Poker — these are the possible options every poker lover can choose at Canada’s live casino. The main goal is to beat the dealer with a better card combination, like full house, straight or royal flash.
  • Blackjack. Punters are trying to gather 21 from the first hand or apply the perfect strategy to take the winnings.

Some live casinos also suggest playing live Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger, or other less common games.

Live Casino: Main Components

An online casino with a live dealer requires at least three areas to run the process. The first is a studio where the games are maintained. The other ones are spaces for technical support teams and game analysts. The expert command manages the broadcasting and monitors the fairness of live games. The key components of a live casino are the following:

  • Game Control Unit (GCU). The main device, which digitizes initial data (card value, clients’ bets, etc.), makes analyses, and displays them on the customers’ screens.
  • Monitor for a dealer to showcase clients’ bets.
  • Video cameras that broadcast the event to the network.
  • Roulette with built-in sensors to obtain the results.

How to Participate in Live Games?

First, you should observe accessible casino websites. Check whether they provide live dealer games and figure out payment requirements. If everything suits your needs, create a gaming account, make a deposit and enter the “Live” section. There you will see several tables (the best casino live in Canada can offer dozens), croupiers, and a game they represent.

Examine betting options and choose a game to play and join it. One table can accept multiple users, so it may take some time to proceed with all stakes. It should be mentioned that no one can see gamblers’ faces, so you don’t need to turn on the camera. All the participants watch only the croupier and other players’ nicknames.

After all the bets are made, a live casino dealer draws cards or spins wheels, depending on the type of game you choose. All the cards are recorded by casino equipment and are digitized into a program code. Players’ steps like “stand”, ”hit” or ”double stake” are accepted by the software and the winner is determined automatically.

During live sessions, clients can ask questions to croupiers in the website chat. Real-time interaction is another reason (after good payouts) for Canadians to enjoy game broadcasting.

You’ve received some useful information on how a live casino in Canada operates from the inside. It’s time to find a gaming website with awesome promotions and trendy games!

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