Ark a massive online RPG game focuses on providing players with the best exploration of the virtual map.

Lost Ark is a massive online RPG game that focuses on providing players with the best exploration of the virtual map and engaging in player-vs-environment battles. Your journey begins with customizing your virtual avatar according to your taste. You set on an adventure through the dark world and end the adventure by dealing with those high-level dungeons at the end. Various modes of traveling from one place to another are available in the game. Ships are a great way of traveling on water, and the best about them is that you don’t have to overcome any hurdles at all. Just board a ship, align the ship in the right direction, and see the magic.

Ships are one of the best options to get from one place to the other in Lost Ark, and various options are available in the game to meet your requirements. Astray Ship is one of the best, all thanks to its speed. This makes it quite difficult for Lost Ark players to get their hands on it, and they need five different types of materials. While you can get some of these materials for free, you need to spend lost ark gold to get the remaining materials. It also shows resistance to almost all the hazardous water bodies found in the game, making to increases your chances of getting there harmlessly. If you have been looking for a guide to get the Astray ship in Lost Ark, here is everything.

How to unlock The Astray Ship?

There is a whole questline that you have to deal with to unlock the Astray ship along with various other ship-building parts in Lost Ark. After collecting the below-given Astray ship materials. You have to take them to Belrod to build it. The grinding doesn’t end here because you have to complete another quest to unlock the ability to travel on the Astray ship.

The quest is called “Set Sail!” and you can get it by going to the East Luterra region. Completing the set sail quest also means that you have successfully finished the storyline of East Luterra. Afterward, complete the quest called “Ratik” in Rothun. Rothun is the capital of the Rohendel region, and you need a level 460 or higher level item to go there. Two more quests called “Wall of Procyon” and “A new voyage” are also required to be dealt with to make things smooth. While dealing with these quests, upgrade your ship to level two. Don’t forget to upgrade your character to level 50 to get Una’s tasks.

Materials required to build the Astray Ship

  • Astray Construction Blueprint
  • Astray Operation Manual
  • Certificate of Pirate
  • Timber (x570)
  • Uncommon Ship Parts Material (x375)

The cost of crafting these materials to build the Astray ship is around ten thousand coins, and you may need to grind for months to get these materials. The grinding doesn’t matter because the ship is worth the effort. Of all the above-mentioned materials, timber and uncommon ship parts are the easiest, and you may have some of these parts in your inventory right now. Below are the accurate methods to get all of these materials in the Lost Ark to complete the ship in no time.

How to Get Uncommon Ship Parts Material and Timber

You can buy these items with around one thousand gold coins in the Lost Ark, and you have to access different menus in the market section for each item.

  • Market> Sailing > Ship Materials
  • Market > Trader > Logging Loot > Timber

How to Get Astray Operation Manual?

  • Go to Tortoyk Island on the game map and the Blackfang’s Den on the southeast side
  • Find NPC named Mariner Rosa by tapping “G” on the keyboard
  • Access the exchange window during the conversation to view the special sales tab
  • Select the pirate star: Astray from the menu (the popup text states that you need a ship carpenter to combine these Astray materials into an Astray, and these are indestructible, unsellable, and you can not dismantle them for original items)

You need three hundred thousand pirate coins for this exchange, and this is handsome, so you need to start saving from today. Afterward, you will get the Astray operation manual which is crucial material.

How to Get Astray Construction Blueprint?

  • Tap on the adventure icon from the bottom right corner of the screen
  • Select Una’s tasks and tap on the reputation status menu
  • Type Astray in the search bar to search for it

You can view the pirate star: Astray – the companion of the pirate.

  • Tap on the search icon from the right side of the screen
  • View details of “She Drifts, Sea Gifts” and accept it

Even after completing this quest, you will have to wait for five days for the first reward. You have to wait for eight days for the second reward and 12 days for the third reward. One of these rewards will be the astray construction blueprint.

How to Get the Certificate of Pirate?

  • Select Una’s tasks from the Adventure menu
  • Search for the certificate of the pirate quest from the reputation status menu
  • View details of the pest control sea cleaner quest and accept it

After completing the quest, you will have to wait for three days to get the first reward, while the second reward will be sent to you after four days. The third reward can be found after eight days, and it includes the certificate of a pirate. Some pirates are causing harm to Blackfang, and you have to defeat them to save Blackfang. Defeat either Lieutenant Lorka, Captain Lorka, or the red shark pirates to complete the quest. Pirates will automatically spawn at the given location after every ten to fifteen minutes, and you can kill them single-handedly. Cut short the time to upgrade your character to level 50 with the best power leveling services from MMOpixel at the lowest price.