hit-or-notZynga proved just how big social gaming can get with FarmVille, an ever growing application with more than 70 million users! Now there’s a new application – a new game, to be more specific – that blends social gaming and real life music in something that might certainly become the launching pad for quite a few newcomers. The game is titled Hit or Not and we’re going to analyze it in detail in this article!

Created by thebizmo – a company with bags of potential apparently, Hit or Not puts the players in the shoes of the owners of a record label who are out to sign the next big star. Not really the most exciting idea in the world, right? Wrong! Because Hit or Not delivers real songs created by real musicians in the real world. So you could indeed become the one who finds the next Lady Gaga or Freddie Mercury!

Basically, playing the game resumes to listening to music, which is always a pleasant thing to do. Even more, when the game starts, you are asked to select your favorite genres, so you’ll mostly listen to emerging artists from your favorite genre rather than a mixture of them all. Something that completely makes sense, since you can’t spot the next big star if you don’t like the music, right?

After listening to an artist, you must rate them as you believe the other users did – the closer you are to the public’s average, the better your Hit Spotter Rating gets. You can also sign the artist or band you’ve just listened to and hope that their ratings will get higher and higher so that you can sell them to the market for more dollars.

Apart for the game playing, you can actually help the Hit or Not artists directly – either by buying their songs as MP3s or by sharing their music with your friends. Just imagine how big a well done song can get on Facebook with their millions of users. Will we see at least a new star born via Hit or Not? Most likely, if the game gets big enough to go viral. And it should get as big as possible because of its noble cause and because of the smartness of the developers who really managed to get music and promotion of young musicians to the future!

hitornot1Now back to playing Hit or Not, there are a few navigational tabs that make your life easier: the Showcase is your friend, the place where you’ll keep listening to music, hoping to find the next big star. Next, there is the My Signings tab where you can check out the value of your signed artists, the Charts where you can check out (and listen to) the best rated bands and artists in each genre, the A-List featuring the top record labels and finally the Artist Entrance which is the place that has to be accessed by artists who wish to be featured on Hit Or Not.

You can also purchase the in-game currency that’s used for signing new artists to your label at some really cool rates – 50,000 HND dollars cost $5 and having in mind that most of the new entries cost 1HND dollars… you’re ready to build an empire!

However, as any new product, Hit or Not is not flawless – the social element of the game is limited and there are, at the moment, slim chances for the game to go viral (there are no friend lists whatsoever!) and sometimes it takes some time until the songs load, but except for that thebizmo’s debut title is one of incredible value and one that I’m bookmarking and promising to play on a daily basis. Because, like any of you, I’d be really happy to know that I was the one who first listened and “bought” the next Dr. Dre. Or Elvis Presley, it doesn’t matter.

If you’re curious to check out Hit or Not for yourself, head over here and have fun! And don’t forget to post your opinion on the game in the comment section below!

UPDATE: I just noticed the cherry on top regarding the Hit or Not Facebook social game: “Your ability to pick hits will be rewarded and the ultimate goal of the game is to become “Master of the Universe” and receive an invitation to join in our Advisory Board where you will get REAL EXECUTIVE POWER and influence. A chosen few from the advisory board might even be asked to join the Secret Circle, but obviously we can’t talk about that here, because then it wouldn’t be much of a secret.” Well, now that’s what I call a REAL prize!