Zynga has introduced weather changes in CityVille and this will affect the gameplay from now on. So except for the sunny days that we’ve got used with in CityVille, we’ll also have rainy days. Which are actually good for production, as you will see yourself after reading this guide to the CityVille Weather Station and Weather Changes.

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that we will have to complete 3 missions to fully understand this feature and unlock all the goodies. We will also have to complete a Weather Station (the Weather Forecasting Tower) which requires us to collect the following materials:

– 8 Rain Coats
– 8 Rain Boosts
– 8 Rain Hats
– 8 Rain Puddles
– 8 Rain Drops

After completing the Weather Station, we’ll start getting forecasts about the weather. And as I said, raining will be a good thing because if you harvest goods when on a rainy day you will get extra goods and you can also collect Umbrellas for your citizens and get a chance to earn extra goods, XP, coins and other goodies. So it would be good to keep an eye on the Weather Forecast in CityVille and plan ahead all your harvesting.

Something similar was experienced early on in FrontierVille, with different weather options released alongside the game, but soon Zynga decided to remove them completely simply because people didn’t care too much about them.

Will the weather changes in CityVille be more successful? I guess we’ll see soon!