No, I really don’t want you to prove me that you can, so put the boots away and read on: Winning Goal is a new soccer game on Facebook released following the world-fever that’s called World Cup 2010, and a pretty cool one especially if you’re into Foosball and soccer management.

Created by The9 Limited and officially endorsed by one of soccer’s greatest legends and current coach of the Argentina national team, Diego Maradona, Winning Goal actually has a bit of Maradona’s style: it appears to be quite random and sloppy, but it’s quite intense, filled with action and, in the end, quite fun.

Winning Goal allows the user to become a manager of his or her own five-player team with star players from both past and present and from around the world. The manager builds up the best team possible by recruiting and scouting new players, gaining new player skills, playing against friends and other managers, and competing or betting on leagues and tournaments (including the World Cup).

Here is a quick overview of some of the features in the game:

– Manage a Team – assemble a team for 5-on-5 gameplay
– Thousands of Players – from past and present and around the world
– Manager and Player Skills – enhance team’s performance along with other effects
– Leagues – Ability to play in game leagues
– Scout Search – scout new players or try to steal away players from your friends
– Prize Drawing – draw a prize after every match you play to earn new skills and players
– Dream Teams – collect and use special players together to create a super squad
– Betting – Bet on real world leagues and even the World Cup to level up your players
– Manager Tasks – complete achievements and challenge World Cup Champion Teams

The graphics are fun and zany, the matches are very arcade and more appealing to the more casual gamer than the soccer fanatic, but all in all it certainly is a title to check out and have fun with. So if you’re interested, head over to Facebook and give Winning Goal a try.

What do you think about the game?