League of Legends’ creators, Riot Games, recently announced that they’re working on a new League of Legends MMORPG. Although there’s no official release date, the company confirmed in December 2021 that they’re developing a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The 15-year-old creator’s pending transition into MMORPGs provides fresh hope that the genre can find its feet in the eSports sector. So, can Riot Games make the breakthrough regarding competitive role-playing titles?

Expanding the League of Legends Universe 

Following its release in October 2009, League of Legends has established itself as a top-three eSports title. Like many popular games in the competitive gaming sector, LoL is a massively multiplayer online title. MMO is something of an umbrella term and, in itself, isn’t a lone genre. While League of Legends falls into the MMO category, it’s a battle arena game by definition. Now, Riot Games are seeking to expand the League universe with an MMORPG.

According to The Verge, the developer’s upcoming title in the League world will be an MMORPG. This marks a change of direction for Riot Games, who have long enjoyed success in the eSports industry with battle-focused creations. To date, the most player-focused game developer in the world haven’t revealed too much about their in-the-works League of legends role-playing game. That said, Dexerto believes that the MMORPG will take place in Runeterra. If this is the case, then Riot Games will likely introduce a fast-travel feature.

MMORPGs Have Little eSports Presence 

As mentioned above, Riot Games aren’t strangers to the eSports world. Aside from League of Legends, the developers enjoyed success with Valorant, a five-versus-five tactical shooter. A role-playing game will differ from these titles and will instead compare to The Elder Scrolls Online and World of Warcraft.

In recent years, only World of Warcraft has made an impression on the eSports sectors. However, the Blizzard Entertainment title’s success was relatively short-lived. As per EsportsTalk, MMORPGs have, thus far, failed to master the eSports market because the battle arena concept grew increasingly popular. As such, Blizzard were unable to compete with MOBAs (multiplayer online batter arena). While other genres have sought to revolutionise battle arena gameplay, role-playing games have failed to evolve. This unclaimed space in the market opens the door for Riot Games to create the MMORPG competitive breakthrough.

Because of their prior successes, Riot Games have a loyal following in the eSports sector, and this provides the foundations for their upcoming MMORPG to succeed. Moreover, the emergence of eSports betting at platforms like Winners.bet will bring much-needed interactivity to the competitive role-playing title. The fully licensed and regulated operator, which hosts League of Legends betting, offers new users a 100 per cent welcome bonus, along with fast and secure payment methods. If Riot’s MMORPG is to succeed, eSports betting may be integral to captivating audiences.

Excitement is Building 

Riot Games have long teased an MMORPG, and it finally looks to be a reality. Although gamers will have to wait, an extension to the League universe is on the horizon. Intrigue surrounds the title’s eSports future, with many wondering whether it could overcome the pre-existing hurdles that have denied the genre competitive gaming success.