Best Deagle Skins in CS:GO

The iconic Desert Eagle, commonly known as Deagle, is one of the favorite pistols in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). The one-shot kill pistol takes time to master, but given the power similar to that of a sniper rifle and insane accuracy at long range, Deagle is a fantastic weapon to carry as a sidearm.

If Deagle is your CS:GO weapon of choice, you should customize it to match your personality and impress your enemies on the battlefield. Here are some of the best Deagle skins to add more style to this bad boy.


The Printstream is one of the most beautiful Deagle skins ever. The white-and-gray combination with lots of subtle icons and inscriptions makes it look elegant and stylish. Nothing fancy, just incredibly cool.

Fracture Cases come with this Covert Deagle skin, which is available in all conditions, with no pattern differences whatsoever.


The Hypnotic Deagle skin has a rare pattern that looks like a hypnotic circle, hence the name. Its metallic coating makes the black pattern pop, while the texture overlay changes according to the pattern index.

You can get this Classified skin in CS:GO Weapon Cases from the Arms Deal Collection. It’s available only as Factory New and Minimal Wear, with barely visible abrasions.

Oxide Blaze

The Oxide Blaze skin takes inspiration from its Blaze brother but comes with a cool twist. With its custom paint job in a rustic style, it looks straight out of a Mad Max movie. It sports a rust-colored paint with white flames on the barrel, tally marks, and a dead smiley face.

This popular Mil-Spec skin, not affected by the pattern index, comes in all conditions and is available in Spectrum Cases.

Golden Koi

You can either love or hate the Golden Koi skin – there’s no middle ground. If you like gold paint and a pattern resembling Koi fish scales, then you’ll love this Deagle skin. It was quite popular when it first came out, but you can rarely see it now in CS:GO.

The skin is Covert, comes only in Factory New and Minimal Wear conditions, and you can get it in Operation Bravo Cases.


Coming from The Dust Collection, the Blaze skin is everything a hardcore CS:GO fan could ask for, and probably every Ghost Rider fan. It has a black chrome body with anodized airbrush finishes of yellow and orange flames on the barrel, which change slightly according to the pattern index.

Available only in Factory New and Minimal Wear conditions, this Restricted skin is the most expensive Deagle skin. Unlike all the previous ones, it doesn’t have a StatTrak counter.


The Heirloom skin looks quite classy and sophisticated. Engraved by hand and sporting a black leather grip and delicate gold ornaments in a scroll pattern on the patina finish, it’s a skin for anyone who wants to look stylish in the game.

It’s actually rarely seen in CS:GO, despite being of the Restricted quality. Weapon Case 3 drops offer the Heirloom in all conditions.

Light Rail

The Light Rail Deagle skin has been popular for years, and for a good reason too. Its futuristic style makes the weapon look incredibly powerful and appeals to almost every CS:GO enthusiast.

Who wouldn’t want their Deagle to have a cool paint job that creates an optical illusion of altered gun geometry? The gradient color transitions are fantastic as well, going from gray to silver, copper, and gold.

Available in all conditions, this Restricted skin comes in Prisma Cases.


Flaunting a bronze finish, a laser-engraved floral pattern, and a leather grip with a logo, the Corinthian exudes a timeless charm that rarely anyone can resist.

You can rarely see this Mil-Spec skin in the game, so you can stand out if you get it. It comes in Revolver Cases, in all conditions except Battle-Scarred.

Bronze Deco

If you’re looking for a regal look in an Art Deco style, the Bronze Deco is your way to go. This Mil-Spec Deagle skin comes with silver metallic paint adorned with gold geometric patterns.

Dropping in Chroma 2 Cases, it’s available in all conditions, with Field-Tested, Well-Worn, and Battle-Scarred displaying lots of abrasions that make it look surprisingly stunning.


The Night skin from The Chop Shop Collection is an absolute beauty. At first glance, it looks solid black, but a double-take reveals its dark-blue color resembling the night sky.

This Industrial Grade skin doesn’t have a StatTrak counter, and it’s available in all conditions. There are lots of abrasions in Field-Tested and Well-Worn, while the paint is almost entirely peeled off in the Battle-Scarred condition.


Vintage meets modern in this black Meteorite skin with a golden crystal pattern and a few solid-gold parts. The Bank Collection never ceases to amaze.

This Mil-Spec Deagle skin has no StatTrak counter and comes only in Factory New, Minimal Wear, and Field-Tested conditions. The FT stays true to its name here.

Mecha Industries

Dropping in Danger Zone Cases, the Classified Mecha Industries skin is perfect for sci-fi fans. This futuristic-style beauty comes with black and white textured parts and some beige and red details for a more stunning look.

It’s a wonder why we don’t see it more often in the game. You can get it in all conditions, with barely noticeable abrasions.


Similar to the Night Deagle, the solid-black Conspiracy flaunts a minimalist style with a dash of color to break the black metallic monotony. It sports several yellow stripes and a yellow logo on the grip insert.

You can get this gorgeous Classified skin in Operation Breakout Cases in Factory New, Minimal Wear, and Field-Tested conditions.


Deagle has become one of the most powerful sidearms in CS:GO, but if you want to make it look even more glorious than it already does, customize it with any of these dashing skins.

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