Multiversus Characters.

When you start exploring a new game, you’re always excited to see new characters or experience the control opportunities for those you already know from pop culture. Multiversus offers a perfect set of such characters to try, and all of them are balanced differently. So how Mobalytics defines Multiversus best character? Let’s see!

What is Mobalytics?

Mobalytics is a website that provides analytical information about popular games. The team has created an app that helps users analyze their gaming process at each step and develop their skills proportionally. Their blog has articles on different games they do not provide analytical options into. It includes the latest news about recently released games, updates, and modifications with an analysis of how it impacts the entire product. One such game is Multiversus. 

The Multiversus game

Multiversus is a cross-over fighting game that offers us many characters to discover. The gist of the product is to offer you options for controlling characters of all different universes and making them battle. Thus, you can find here such heroes as Arya Stark, Superman, and Bugs Bunny. The characters are taken from the most popular series and cartoons that warmed the souls of millions. 

The best characters according to the Mobalytics tier list

As Mobalytics makes their analysis carefully, here you can see a table with a gradation of characters, from the top where are the best characters, to the bottom. 

The entire list has five tiers to look through:

  • S+ – here the best characters of the game are. At this point, this tier has two characters, among which you’ll find Bugs and Velma. Their balancing gives them an advantage over the other characters on the battlefield, so they are considered the best heroes of Multiversus.
  • S – the balancing or strong features are a little weaker in the characters assigned to this category. Five characters have found their places here, but the difference in their power is still pretty visible, so some of them are closer to the S+ tier.
  • A – the most numerous tier. 9/19 characters are assigned to the A level of power, so their power, control, and “coworking” ability may be disputed. 
  • B – the characters with weaker figures find themselves in this tier. This position does not mean the characters are poorly balanced, but their potential has not been realized in full.
  • C – the least developed character by the players. In Patch 1.02, Mobalytics placed Granade here.

Except for general gradation, Mobalytics offers also a division by the complexity of handling (easy, medium, or high) and the types of fighters. These points affect a lot in which tier some characters are placed. 

Regarding the abovementioned, it becomes clear that the best characters are Bugs Bunny and Velma. Their potential was unlocked and appreciated by the players the most for this moment. The other characters are also a great point of interest, but their opportunities are still revealed not in full. Watch the news on gaming at the Mobalytics blog and stay informed about the latest updates!