A new set of missions has just been released in Cafe World, Ancient Recipes, bringing us three new dishes to make and to serve in our cafe. This feature is very fresh and right now not everybody has it, but it will be released shortly. Also, the amount of information available is not much, but we can still find out some things about the Ancient Recipes in Cafe World now.

First of all, I am sure you’re curious to find out which are the new recipes made available, so here they are:

– No Lie Cherry Pie
– Robin Hoods Venison Steaks
– Alex’s Great Moussaka

You will unlock these three new recipes by completing a new series of 10 missions, the Ancient Recipes mission, but right now I can only share with you the details for the first mission.

An Ancient Book
– Ask for 2 Ancient Translations
– Serve 15 Dishes
– Ask for 3 Desk Lamps

If you have details about the other missions in this series, please feel free to post them in the comment section below.