Adventure Pirates 3 is an escape the room game that can be played for free here. A walkthrough is also required to complete the game (at least if you tend to always get stuck, as I do), so you will find this article really helpful since it has a complete Adventure Pirates 3 walkthrough for you to check out if you get stuck at any point! (the spoilers and complete guide is below the walkthrough)

Note you need shapes for the wall
Go left
Get the oar
Go left
Use the oar to turn over the barrel
Go left 2 times
Use the oar on this barrel – get the sword
Use the sword to free the torch attached to the wall
Get the match from over the second peg from the right on the coat rack
Go right
Enter the code into the 08 chest
Get the fuel
Turn right
Click the fuel in your inventory and then the torch
Now click the match and the fuel/torch combo
Use the lit torch on the mouse hole for the square
Go right
Use the sword on the board on the floor for the triangle
Solve the 04 chest for the pentagon
Go left
Solve the large chest for the circle
Go left and use the sword on the small barrel for the diamond
Turn to the door and place the shapes (place them in the order that the hand appears when you scroll your mouse over them)
Get the key
Use the key on the door to escape!


08 chest: Spiders have 8 legs. Count spiders and add spiders in each room. (12×08=96)

04 chest: Mice have 4 legs. Count/add mice in each room. (07×04=28)

Large chest: You used the spiders and mice so the only other odd thing is the flowers/teeth leis. Start at the front door and go clockwise. In each scene, count the teeth. (43243)

Thanks to kitkatfox on EG24 for the walkthrough!