The concept of a social casino is a little different than your traditional online gambling sites. Unlike the actual online casinos where you spend your real money to win slots and the games, the social casino apps are more about the game’s fun and you going up the ladder by completing different levels. The growing emergence of online casinos has further paved the way for social casino apps, and they have become more and more popular and abundant.

If you have meant to play one of these social casino apps, we have sorted out a list with the best applications.

1. Huuuge Casino

If you like playing online casino games, Huuuge Casino is likely one of the best options out there. It includes a range of slot games and even more leagues and clubs that make it easier for you to climb up the levels and have the time of your life. It is available on Android and iOS devices and offers a range of excellent games slot and gambling games that you’d generally find in Vegas and Macau’s offline casinos.

2. House of Fun

Another popular slot-based social casino app that you can try playing is House of Fun. The game offers a registration bonus of 1000 coins, which you can start the game with. You can either build on your existing game bonuses by winning games and levels or you can further climb up the ladder by buying coins from the store for $1.99. It is also backed with the Playtika Rewards that make the game a lot more fun to play.

3. Slotomania

For a community, which has over 100 million players, Slotomania is a popular free platform for playing online casino games. Aside from the free slot games, the platform also features a range of free slot games and 3D slot games that you can engage in. You also get free coins and gems as a registration bonus as you get around to completing the quests and the games along the way.

4. Viva Slots Vegas Casino

It is a popular mobile-app game only, which means that you wouldn’t be able to access it via your desktop. Aside from that, this has a unique feature of providing 2500 game coins as a registration bonus. It also features an hourly gaming bonus, which is another bonus of 500 coins along with regular coin drops now and then that you can keep a check on. The players can also purchase coins, in case you want more tickets to play the games.

5. Caesars Games

If you have been to Vegas to play casino games, you have likely heard of Caesars Games, a popular offline casino place. Herein, you can engage in classic and progressive casino games with multiple themes surrounding the same. The platform also offers daily bonuses and legacy bonus that you can make the most out of. You can get bonus coins every 1.5 hours to get your slots secured and free spins.


If you want to experience the thrill of casino and gambling games but don’t want to spare your money on the same, social casino apps are an excellent place to start with. These are more like video games that you can download and have fun going up the levels and earning more coins and bonuses.