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If you are interested in League of Legends and haven’t purchased an account yet, there are many reasons to do so. Here are three of them.

More Champions

Getting an unranked smurfs account can unlock twenty champions for Game Mode. As a result of these new acquisitions, your League of Legends account likely won’t be able to access the entire list.

As you progress through your journey in League of Legends, this “new” perspective may help you try new things. I may open up more opportunities for you to experience new things in the game if you learn different roles with these new possessions; who knows?

The new options are available to you until you feel comfortable with them, so you can always return to your main League of Legends account and use your collection there. You can appreciate different gaming mechanics in League of Legends, beyond just knowing how appropriate each champion is in its own lane, based on this kind of freedom.

However, if you’re one of the people who wants to try the famous League of Legends RNG, there is always the option of choosing one Smurf account that contains only capsules for you to unlock and see what happens.

You can, however, get one Smurf Account with a few Blue Shards to use on champions that you like if you want this new option to be more “precise.” Simply count how many shards you need and then unlock the champion.

Different Skins

Speaking of RNG, have you noticed that some games give you free skins? How do you feel when you have a “terrible” skin to unlock when you’re just trying your luck? You get to roll more times and get better stuff when you have more than one League of Legends account.

Random numbers are no longer your gods to be prayed to for something suited to your needs. With two LOL accounts, you’ll have more “champion” options, increasing your chances of winning the match, so you’ll probably have good skins to boast about. Click here to learn more about the benefits of League Of Legends.

“Personal stores” are also a plus, since they activate when sales are happening. Almost all of us were disappointed by some of the random discounted skins we received. There’s no need to worry, since you’ll be able to “reroll” for better options with different LOL accounts. The sale may not be worthwhile for you to take advantage of for all League of Legends accounts based on your results.

Our favorite champions benefit from cool skins, and we all know how valuable they are. Riot’s artists have helped us get a better understanding of our collection. New themes, amazing visual effects, and sometimes even animations are created. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get great skins when you take advantage of this offer.

As a matter of fact, if you find that a certain League of Legends account keeps getting things that you don’t like too much, I have some good news for you. In case you accidentally delete your LOL account, you can always sell it and earn some revenue.


More Quests To Complete Between Events

It may happen that certain things end up so quickly (such as quests), and then you do not have anything to do until a new event arrives. In some Smurf accounts, however, you were able to redo everything.

These events can direct you in choosing a quest path, so it’s good to depend on this strategy. Choosing one side of a quest list is irreversible, and there is only one reward available. The League of Legends event can continue with a different League of Legends account.

In the example above, as you have more Smurf accounts, you will receive more rewards during these events. Taking advantage of the community happenings will allow you to get more shards for your collection, as well as experience all that the community has to offer. Visit www.gamersdecide.com to learn more reasons why gamers love buying accounts.

The rewards are probably going to be split between the Smurf accounts, but Riot is all about RNG, so you might find yourself sticking with the account that received the best rewards. You are free to explore all the available content. Do not worry about getting a cheap LOL account; there are plenty to choose from. To enjoy the events a little more, you only need some free time.