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Every gamer starts his journey by being confused and testing everything from mike and keyboards to old and new games. Despite all this, having smooth and great gameplay is still a dream for many. But what if we tell you that it’s not that difficult to have a buttery smooth gaming experience?

Here are 11 incredible tips that will help you get the best out of your PC gaming time:

Get your PC ready

The most essential thing you must do is clean the junk. Go to the “Run” dialog box and then delete all the temp files from your PC. This step is essential to improve the performance of your computer. It is also necessary to put your PC on a high-performance setting (Control Panel-> System and Security-> Power Options-> High Performance). Doing this will help you use all the resources at their best.

Customize what your PC shows

As a gamer, you should know the importance of performance. Adjusting the performance settings of your PC can help you out.

  • Go to advanced system settings and click performance settings.
  • Click the “Adjust for best performance” dialog box.
  • Now only check the thumbnails of icons and smooth edges dialog boxes.
  • It will reduce the load of shadows and other unnecessary stuff.

Believe it or not, this will be a boost to your system.

Turn off all the background apps.

If you only want to play games on your PC for a while, turn off all the background apps.

  • To do this, search for background apps from the taskbar.
  • In the opened window, disable the running of background apps.

By this way, you can get rid of all the distractions caused by these apps. However, do this only when you are playing games and don’t need to multitask.

Care for it

As eager as you must be for playing your favorite games, you shouldn’t ignore the health of your computer.

  • Clean it timely. Dust is the silent killer for PC components. Clean your PC weekly to increase its lifetime.
  • Maintain it regularly by replacing defunct hardware and software.
  • Unplug unnecessary hardware whenever you can.

Update regularly

A gamer always needs to be updated with the most recent game releases. The same goes for the PC of a gamer. Update your PC regularly with all the latest drivers and updates. Drivers are an essential commodity to run a game. Not having updated drivers can lead to malfunctioning of some of your games. To enjoy your game in the best way possible, updated drivers are a necessity.

Change Graphic Card settings.

It is essential to change settings for your graphic card to get the optimum gameplay.

  • Go to the control panel of your respective graphic card. Both NVIDIA and AMD have settings that can be changed.
  • Set power mode of graphic card to the maximum and enjoy the most effective gameplay.
  • Apart from this, you can tweak and look for other settings in the graphic card setting at your convenience.

In-game settings

Applying settings to the computer can only help to a limited extent. If you still want to have a more smooth experience, changing in-game settings is a must.

The change in these settings will vary for different games. However, generally, turning down animations and shadows can reduce the load on your system significantly. It helps in increased performance of the game as well. In-game animations look mind-boggling to the user but turning them off leaves little impact on visuals but significantly affects performance.

Use hacks and cheats

If you are a beginner in PC games, opt for some cheats to give you an initial edge. These hacks and cheats won’t make you a pro, can help you get started on a stronger note. Take care that you do not get over-dependent on these cheats. But where to get it? Check out various cheats for PC games that you play regularly to get a leg up on your opponents.

Be a tactician

Most online multiplayer games need good problem-solving skills. Try to figure it out in your way. Plan a tactic, implement it in real games, and analyze the results afterward. Studying your tactics will give you a great hang about the game and its nature. Remember, no game is a mathematics exam, where you can put the same formula to get the same answer. So, it’s crucial to keep designing more and more ways to win.

Understand the game

It is crucial to understand a game before you start to master it. Every good player understands and explores all the possible paths present in the game and plans accordingly. Knowing your game inside out is a trait that only a few top players possess.

Activate Game Mode

Windows 10 provides everyone with an exceptional game mode. Press Win+G to open the Game bar, and there you can see the game mode. Enable game mode and enjoy the best performance from your PC to ensure smooth gaming.

These tips and tricks, if followed consistently, can lead to smooth gameplay. Leave a comment with any questions. Stays connected for more guides, and keep playing!