The Visual Novel / Eroge genre seems to be losing popularity on the Western markets – or at least it is losing the interest of game developers. However, with true classics released in the past (Bible Black comes to mind first, followed closely by True Love) the genre proved that there is still some high quality left behind all the mature gaming elements.

Therefore, we checked out some online retailers for Visual Novels you can play in English and even though the offer is not too great at the moment, we managed to pick 10 that will surely prove to be extremely enjoyable. So, here they are in no particular order – 10 amazing visual novels you can play in English!

PLEASE NOTE: All the games below should only be played by gamers aged 18+.

The Sagara Family

01 the sagara family

A classic to start with, one that puts you in the shoes of a young University student (probably the most used storyline in the genre) that gets to live with the Sagara Family: four hot girls and their mother. As you can imagine, the possibilities are endless here and you will have a ton of fun exploring them over and over again. Bonus: Some really amazing hand drawn graphics for your ultimate pleasure.

Check out The Sagara Family here, comes with free shipping from Play Asia.

Gibo / Stepmother’s Sin

02 stepmonthers sin

Peach Princess, the developers of this game, are known to be pretty straightforward and use brilliant storytelling with pretty taboo topics to deliver some really amazing gaming experiences. Even though not a hit title, this 2001-released game is extremely intense as it tells the story of a young guy who considers that all women are nymphomaniacs and decides to punish them sexually for that. The result is some pretty rough scenes that many gamers will clearly enjoy.

Check out Stepmother’s Sin here – just a few copies are left in stock!

Let’s Meow Meow

03 lets meow meow

If rough and forbidden scenes are not your way, Let’s Meow Meow comes with a light and funny approach to the genre. You play as an university student who loves cats and gets his own cat girl to satisfy his every need after meeting the Cat God. Things get more complicated after a while, but you will surely have fun trying to right the wrongs, all while keeping your love for the cat ladies alive.

Check out the game over at Play Asia.

Virgin Roster: Shukketsubo

04 virgin roster

For those interested, this game comes with a “hands free” mode so you can… ahem… enjoy it hands free. Ahem. Getting back to the topic of the game, it’s pretty twisted: you play as a teacher that loves turning girls into their slaves. Multiple endings and multiple girls to choose from, if this kind of fantasy is your thing, you’ve got it all here. Combine it with Stepmother’s Sin recommended above and you’re all set!

You can find out more about this visual novel here.

School Days HQ

05 School Days HQ

Based on the anime series and created by Jast, one of my favorite visual novel developers, School Days HQ stays pretty much away from the twistedness of the previous games and comes with a nice story. Again, you play as an university student involved in a love triangle. And since there is room for two lovers, there is room for more, things get raunchy and interesting pretty fast. All for the best as you will surely enjoy the climax. Every time, I guess.

Head over to Amazon to find out more about School Days HQ.

Secret Wives Club

06 secret wives club

Ah, another classic! This one still has the original Japanese voices for those who love hearing them, and fully translated English subs. Created by G-Collections, the game puts you in the shoes of a guy who has to train three frustrated wives for… getting what they lack elsewhere. Multiple endings, multiple possibilities, a game that you invest in once and play a ton of times. A good deal, in other words!

So click here to check it out right now!

Yin-Yang X-Change Alternative

07 yin yang

Here, you play as a guy who accidentally drinks a vial marked “experimental medicine.” The next day, you wake up to find that you’ve been transformed into a girl! Forced to spend your days in your new female body, you will be surprised at the changes brought to life by this… change. Everywhere you go, you are the center of attention, and it seems that everyone is taking an interest in you now. What’s more, your body has an amazing secret that you have yet to discover. Check out the game to see what adventures await!

Click here to find out more about the game.

Tokimeki Check-in!

08 tokimeki

Takayuki Yamano is a boy who simply wishes to break away from his family’s tradition, running Yamano Inn, which is a hot spring resort where the most beautiful girls come from miles around for vacation time. One could easily question his sanity, as did his employers. Being rejected for the millionth time, he sadly returns to Yamano Inn to work as manager/butler. You’ve got three days to choose to follow and woo the girl of your choice.

Check out the game at Play Asia.

Yukkuri Panic: Escalation

09 Yukkuri Panic Escalation

If you’re only about girl – girl action, then this game is for you. A multiple endings adventure with a lot of beautiful girls, some nuns thrown in the mix and a lot of action. Bonus: a silly arcade game that you’ll get to hate in just a matter of seconds. But that’s not why we are here, right?

So head over to Amazon to find out more about this game.

Do You Like Horny Bunnies?

10 horny bunnies

Well, the title says it all apparently, but there is even more. Released a bit over a decade ago, this eroge classic puts you in the shoes of a guy who looks like a girl and lands a job at an exclusive Italian restaurant for that reason. From now on it’s fun for you in a well written adventure. Worth a try if you haven’t tried it already!

Check out the game here.

So these would be the 10 games that we managed to find that are still purchasable. I know that these are not necessary the best of the best that the genre has given to humanity, but at least they are playable and that matters a lot. Plus, all of them have been selected to actually offer fun times for hours.

What do you think? Have you played any of these games? Which is your favorite or which one looks like a real hit?