A boy playing games on phone.

While both iOS and Android may seem pretty similar on the surface level, there are actually a ton of areas in which they differ, and finding out what these aforementioned discrepancies are can give you a better idea as to which operating system is going to be better for you the next time you opt to get a gaming phone.

In this article, we will be taking a look at the various ways in which gaming differs between the iOS and Android operating systems, as well as discussing what these differences could mean to you if you are considering picking either of them for your next gaming phone. Let’s get right into it.

Game Choice Is Vastly Different

The first point we need to take a look at when trying to decipher the differences between iOS and Android for gaming is their respective game selections.

You can go and pick up any of the best gaming phones in the world, but if they are unable to provide you with all the games you want to play, your efforts are going to be rather fruitless. Well, which has a better game selection between iOS and android?

The general consensus is that Android has better exclusives while iOS has a wider game selection overall. This means that if there is a specific Android exclusive you want to get your hands on or you just want to have access to all of Android’s exclusive games, then Android may be the better choice.

Although, if you just want a wider game selection in general and want to get access to the most games possible, then iOS is probably going to be better suited to you, and this will allow you to play the majority of games that mobile has to offer.

Both of these facts are relatively useless if you are just interested in playing online casinos in New Jersey (or any other browser-based genre) and care very little for mobile games – this is accessible through both.

They Both Have Their Merits

The debate of what is better between iOS vs Android for gaming is never going to end. The two are more similar than you would think – but that’s not to say there aren’t a few key exceptions.

In particular, Apple is usually praised for its consistent updates and its highly-received Apple Arcade – both of which are incredibly important when it comes to gaming on phone. On the other hand, Android often offers much more value on any in-game purchases, and this can be a big deal if you happen to love a game that offers a myriad of microtransactions.

Both have their merits, and depending on what you are after, either one could be the better choice for you.

So, which operating system do you think is superior when it comes to gaming? Do you think Android’s exclusives are enough to give them the edge, or do you think Apple’s greater game variety makes them the way better option? Whatever your opinion may be; there is definitely an argument for both.

Truth be told, there is no “best” operating system for gaming. Both Android and iPhone are going to be better for different people, and if one happens to appeal to you over the other, then this could be a pretty good indication that this is the brand you should go for. Have fun.