Apple Mac is one of the best devices that can allow you to store as much data as you want. As well as you will be able to access all the tools and software that you need. However, the only issue is that once your data has been deleted because of any reasons it can create some serious issues for you. The reason is that once it is deleted from the recycle bin it will get hard for you to recover the files that you have lost. The only solution you will have in this situation is mac data recovery. Like EaseUS there are various other data recovery software available. However, only a few can meet your requirements the way that you want. To help you out with the selected process here we have the list of top 5 mac data recovery tools.

1- EaseUS

One of the best and most reliable Mac data recovery software is EaseUS. It is developed with the latest technology and has some amazing features that will make it easier for you to recover all the files that you have lost. 2 GB recovery in trial is the most amazing feature that you will get in the software. Some other qualities of EaseUS are.

  1. It will allow you to recover all the lost files regardless of their format
  2. You can use it to recover files directly from Mac or from any other device that is connected with mac
  3. The interface of EaseUS us user-friendly and easy to use. You can even preview data before recovery
  4. The services are available at affordable rate.

2- CleverFiles

It is a free mac data recovery tool that will allow you to easily recover data from internal and external drives. It will allow you to use the clone version of the files, so your original files and data will not be damaged. It even supports recovery from the SD card and devices that are connected with Mac.

3- Do your data recovery

Even if there are some system errors or you have accidently deleted/formatted files, it will still help you to recover all the files that have been lost. You can easily recover data from formatted drives, emptied trash and hard drives which are not accessible. It is very easy to use and in 3 simple steps you can recover the files you have lost.

4- uFlysoft

With the mac data recovery software you can recover all types of files whether they are audio, video, images, documents and more. Even if the files have been deleted a long time ago you can recover them with the software. It will deeply scan your hard drive to properly recover all files.

5- MiniTool

It comes with 4 different recovery options that make it easier to recover different files in limited time. You can even recover lost partitions. It is simple and easy to use. It supports the latest version of mac.

You can easily select the software you like the most. You will surely recover all the lost files with these mac data recovery tools.