A boy playing online games on the screen.

The prevalence of online games has increased dramatically over the past few decades. The trend has picked up steam as people seek out new ways to socialise and pass the time during the pandemic. As a market, gaming has surpassed both the film and sports industries.

As a cultural phenomenon, gaming is only going to grow in popularity. However, what technological developments are influencing the future of casino slot games, and how will they affect players?

According to a report by market research firm SuperData, gaming revenue increased by 12% in 2020, rising to $139.9 billion from $120.1 billion in 2019. It was estimated that by the end of last year, 80% of Americans had played a video game within the preceding six months.

We created this piece to discuss what we can anticipate, and how that anticipation adds to the thrill of working in the gaming industry.

1. Cloud Gaming

In addition to the standard internet usage, there are many other uses for the new and improved cloud connection. Several companies, for instance, have begun to actively cultivate cloud-based gaming platforms. There are many games available for regular players to try out that don’t necessitate the purchase of expensive stations.

Since there is currently a shortage of computer parts on the market, this is incredibly helpful for every gaming enthusiast. The available parts are overpriced to the point where it is not worthwhile to buy them.

To avoid having to keep upgrading their hardware, subscribers can simply sign up for a platform and play all the games there. The only thing you need is a streaming device or our smart television. Because of this, more people will be able to enjoy video games.

2. Augmented Reality

In 2016, people flocked to public spaces with smartphones in hand, on the prowl for Pokémon.

People were en masse immersed in Pokémon Go, an augmented reality mobile game in which colourful creatures known as Pokémon were superimposed on the player’s real-world surroundings.

Most people’s introduction to augmented reality (AR) was through this game, and it continues to be the industry’s most lucrative application of the technology.

However, Pokémon Go’s long-term success can be attributed to more than just its iconic IP. People who want to hang out with Ash Ketchum and Pikachu can do so in a number of different video games, books, and movies. The game’s true magic lies in the way it combines the digital and the physical, with virtual characters interacting with actual settings.

The popularity of augmented reality (AR) is growing faster than virtual reality (VR) because people prefer games that allow them to engage with, rather than escape from, reality.

3. Utilising NFTs

Recently, non-fungible tokens have gained traction, making it impossible to ignore them in the gaming industry.

As a collectible and a rewarding mechanism that players can trade for money, NTFS will be considered by many developers. This will attract more players since they will want to participate in order to gain access to such a desirable reward.

Furthermore, in some games, you can earn cryptocurrency simply by playing. For the daily tasks, for instance, the game gives you cryptocurrency rather than items that can be traded later. Making money in your spare time while playing games is a win-win situation.

4. High-Definition Graphics

Advances in video game technology have allowed for ever-more photorealistic visuals. Graphics card manufacturers for personal computers, such as Nvidia and AMD, have come a long way in enabling high-resolution games and new features like ray tracing.

Shadows, reflections, and lens flares used to be hand-painted onto game assets. This made it appear as though the light were coming from the sun or moon and reacted normally upon impact. Because of an algorithm, ray tracing can actually accomplish this.

If consumers can get their hands on the technology, it could completely alter the market. For most of 2020 and 2021, the industry was affected by a severe lack of chips. This is primarily attributable to the meteoric rise of the hardware required for mining cryptocurrencies.

True realism in video games is the wave of the future, but not every game of the future will be built for it. Not even the independent ones.


More and more people are attending these events, so many businesses are happy to provide financial support. The prize pools have grown at a static rate over the past few years when company funds and ticket sales are combined.

The money factor encourages players to turn pro and improve their earning potential. Numerous gaming tournaments are a great opportunity to show off your skills and knowledge; you shouldn’t let this fact deter you.

These gatherings not only serve as a source of entertainment, but also as a way for people to network with others who share their passions. The fantastic growth of the gaming community is reflected in the fact that they can later connect and play the game together.