The Evolution of Gaming thru Technology

Technology works hand in hand with gaming since the beginning. The very existence of gaming itself was made possible by technology and as it evolves, so does gaming. Video gaming was introduced in the early ’60s as a simulation for mainframe computers wherein the first video game with video game display was made known. It was created by the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) computer scientists. In the 70’s Atari Video Computer System (VCS) from Japan was introduced. The ’70s and ’80s were also considered the golden age of arcade video games. The ’90s was the breakthrough of handheld consoles and the year 2000 marked the era of the internet and now it can be played on our gadgets like tablets, smartphones, laptops, and personal computers.

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In 2021, gaming technology revenue generated about $ 155 billion and it was predicted to rise to $260 billion by 2025 according to analysts. It only proves that gaming tech’s demand is skyrocketing. The following are the latest technologies which we are now enjoying.

1.     Accessibility to mobile phones

The internet plays a big role for the games to be accessed to smartphones. The majority of the games can be downloaded or played via streamline. Game applications are introduced and players can either play the game alone or by a group.

2.     Graphics and Sounds

The latest graphics display and sound quality make the games more realistic and interactive. They help create emotion and tension in the player which gives them an adrenaline rush while playing the game. Players have avatars or graphics personification that they used to represent them as a player and their power.

3.     Cloud Gaming

The introduction of Cloud gaming or also called gaming on demand adds to the popularity of gaming. Cloud gaming is a type of online game that features video games then streams directly to the user. Cloud gaming is advantageous to the part of the player because they can just play the game from the cloud and they don’t have to buy pricey computer hardware nor download computer games.

4.     Augmented and Visual Reality

The existence of AR and VR changed gaming because it is like you are transported in another dimension once you are wearing VR headsets.

Augmented Reality copies everything around us making it look real in the gaming world while in Visual reality the computer creates an artificial environment to be used in augmented reality. This type of technology makes the graphics and sound look convincing and interactive to the player making it the experience more fun.

5.     Location-based Entertainment (LBE) and VR

This is a form of entertainment that takes place anywhere around a specific place of the player. Location-based Entertainment is set up for multiple players and not one-player entertainment. It involves specific tools and special equipment used for environmental immersion and it needs wider physical space.

Final Insight:

Gaming is not just a form of amusement but also a way to bond with other family members and friends and you get the chance also to interact with other people. Technology and gaming are a perfect combination for the players to be truly entertained.