Devolver Digital have announced that Shadow Warrior Classic is now free on Steam.

Shadow Warrior Classic is an updated version of the 1997 game Shadow Warrior, which was made by 3D Realms, perhaps better known for the Duke Nukem series. Much like Duke Nukem, Shadow Warrior was known for its crass humour, boasting an impressive amount of racist jokes.

Initially the free release was going to be a short promotional stint, with a set number of Steam keys released through the game’s Facebook page. However, an attack by a hacker group lead to all the keys being stolen, and so the event was shut down for a short time. The game was then put back up in a manner similar to Valve’s Portal promos, where players who downloaded the game within a set time frame got it for free. Finally, the developers decided to make the game a full free to play title with no time limit.

The free release of Shadow Warrior Classic is part of a promotion for a reboot of the Shadow Warrior title, which is slated for release later this year on PC and next generation consoles.

[Source: Polygon]