farmville-lights-black-manorChristmas Lights have arrived in FarmVille and they’re simply beautiful! They made me change my mind regarding the usefulness of the Snow Blanket and indeed manage to turn any farm into a truly Christmas-ready one!

The Christmas Lights in Farmville can be used on all sorts of items and buildings you already own and add cute lights and snow on the selected items.

In order to put lights and snow on your buildings, you have to pay with FarmVille cash. There are two ways of paying: either 30 Farmville cash to use on all items that support snow and lights (list below), or 2 FV cash for a single item. If you go for the latest form of payment, if you decide to sell any building with lights on it, you will be able to put a new set on a new building or item. It’s also worth noting that you can keep the Christmas Lights on for the entire year (or years) to come!

Here is the list of items that you can put lights and snow on, according to Zynga (if you select the 2FV Cash option, all items you can put lights on will be highlighted in a purple/pink color):

Fence (all colors and wooden)
Cottage Black
Cottage Pink
Farm House
Green House
Japanese Pagoda
Japanese Tea House
Log Cabin
Manor Black
Weathered Barn
Groovy Barn
Black Barn
Blue Barn
Red Barn
Pink Barn
White Barn
Tool Shed
Pink Tool Shed

Really cool, I must say, I am pretty impressed with how winter is turning out to be in FarmVille!