With Thanksgiving coming in real life, it’s no surprise to see all sorts of events related to the celebration in Mafia Wars as well. Save Don’s Dinner is one of them and I am here to share with you all the details about it and most importantly, about how to get more turkeys in Mafia Wars in order to get that sweet reward for saving Don’s Dinner: the Butler (155/95 at Ruby level).

You start with 5 Turkeys, but it’s up for you to increase that number AND protect them, because turkeys can be stolen by other turkey-hungry Mafia Wars players!

Here is how to get more turkeys in Mafia Wars, then:

1. Request from Mafia – you can get a maximum of 20 turkeys per day using this method.
2. Earning from Jobs – you can get 20 more by doing jobs in the game.
3. Get them by fighting – you can win (and lose) turkeys by fighting other Mafia Wars players: up to 20 wins per day via winning fights, but you can get an unlimited number of turkeys from icing opponents.
4. You can also purchase them from the Marketplace, 10 turkeys for 10 RP.

There are also some boosts to help you protect the turkeys for the Save Don’s Dinner event and in order to get that top reward:

1. Turkey Protection which protects your turkeys for 5 minutes, can be received from Mafia 20 times per day or purchased from the Market

2. Turkey Vision which allows you to see players with unprotected turkeys and can be purchased from the market.

Well, who said that a good Thanksgiving dinner is something easy to achieve in Mafia Wars?