If you use boorkmarklets while playing Mafia Wars then you’ll thank the Infinity Clan for coming up with this nifty toolbar. Chrome users will glad to know that the tool is compatible with the Google browser. No more need to open another browser just to play Mafia Wars.

The InfinityMW Toolbar replaces bookmarklets from Miller, Spockholm, Joyka, and Heartrate. The tool gathers all these bookmarklets in a single button. To access the toolbar option, just right click it. This toolbar is also available for other browsers.

The InfinityMW Chrome Extension features one-click scripts that can do tasks which are otherwise inaccessible. There’s a tool that collects gifts and boosts, switch between Facebook and Mafia Wars profiles, gifting top Mafia members, and a lot more. When you hover over a tool or app, you’ll get additional information that pertains to its use.

Be sure you get the InfinityMW toolbar from the right source, which is: InfinityMW Toolbar

There are fake toolbars that contain undesirable features that prey on your data, spam you with advertisements, or worse, hack your Facebook account. The InfinityMW Chrome Extension is secured by Google, while the other toolbar versions are Truste Certified.