The Experimental Exosuit in Mafia Wars is, at least in theory, an amazing item with impressive stats, awarded as a mastery item for the recently released Las Vegas District 7. However, the item has been meet with criticism already by those who managed to get it since it apparently is broken and doesn’t work as it should.

First of all, here are the stats of the Experimental Exosuit in its different stages:

Gold Mastery Experimental Exosuit, 185 Attack, 106 Defense
Ruby Mastery Experimental Exosuit, 203 Attack, 114 Defense

And what is the problem? Apparently, the Experimental Exosuit Ruby does not award all players with the improved stats, but offers the same bonuses as the Gold Mastery stage. We do believe if this is not just a visual glitch, that Zynga will fix this problem very soon and Mafia Wars players all over the world will get the correct stats from the Exosuit.

Have you managed to master Las Vegas District 7 and get the Experimental Exosuit?