Games with the possibility of winning a jackpot are very popular at online casinos. The small probability of winning a large sum (in some cases it can exceed the size of the bet several million times) invariably attracts users. Slot machines with jackpots, as well as games with real croupiers, are always at the top of the most popular entertainment in both real and online casinos.

A Few Words About the Jackpot

Intuitively, everyone understands what a jackpot is, but few can practically outline the boundaries of the term. In a broad sense, a jackpot is simply a big win. But the term has a really narrower definition.

Jackpot is a big win, the pool of which is formed as a percentage of the lost bets of all participants. The prize pool can be fixed or progressive. A fixed one is set at the beginning of a game (or a larger event). Its value can be set in percent. Live casino online usa publishes information about the top prize events in the public domain.

Progressive constantly increases as the event (tournament, game or series of games) progresses. It can also be assigned as a constantly increasing bet from each subsequent loss of all participants.

What is the Jackpot For?

There are no uniform rules for assigning a jackpot. The winning event must be unlikely. For slots, it is set by the providers, for video games – casino employees. For example, when playing poker, the jackpot is often given for a combination of flash royale. However, there may be other variants.

There are also no uniform rules about which game with a real croupier to use the jackpot in. In one casino, the jackpot is usually given at games in baccarat, in others – in bingo, in others – in Hold’em, in others – in all of the above games. There are also those games in which quantitative jackpots are assigned more often than in others.

Texas Hold’em

This is the most common type of poker as of 2023. The game is played on 2 personal and 5 community cards. Players gradually reveal cards to make up one of the winning combinations.

The jackpot in video poker is usually given for the rarest possible winning combination – a flash royale (when 5 cards are dealt with a gradual increase from a ten to an ace, all of which must be of the same suit).


A popular card game played by a croupier via video link. It is usually played as a variant of Punto Banco (or Mini Baccarat). The essence of the game is to score 9 points for a combination of cards or a number closest to 9. Cards from 1 to 9 are counted at face value, an ace counts for one point, and other “pictures” and “ten” give zero points.

Players take two cards each, then they can add one more card to them. If a player scores 10 or more points, 10 points are taken away from the total.

Jackpots can be awarded for several consecutive combinations within several games, although other variations are possible.


Still often referred to as “21” in the former Soviet Union, although this is a mistake, as the rules of blackjack are different, although they are indeed similar to “21 points”.  The jackpot is often awarded by the casino for a series of consecutive wins with the same number of combination points, but other variations are also possible.

The object of the game is to beat the dealer, i.e. the dealer’s dealer, by scoring more points on a three-card combination. First, the dealer deals 2 cards to everyone, then the players can get one more card. The dealer keeps one card for himself.

The situation when a player is at 21 points at once is called blackjack, it means an automatic win. The task of players is to get the highest number of points, but no more than 21. Cards from 2 to 10 are counted by face value, pictures – 10 points, ace – 11 points (as long as the sum is not more than 21) or 1 point (if the sum of cards is already more than 21).