Interview With David About Free Online Slot Games

Free online slot games let you enjoy the thrills and spills of playing at a casino, but in the comfort of your own home and without the need to spend actual money. In this interview, David, a US-based casino affiliate, tells us all about free casino games available to players around the world, but in particular, all New Jersey free online slot games for local players.

Who is David?

I am David, a US citizen and an online casino affiliate long been in the European market and now starting out in the newly regulated US state iGaming markets. I have been an online affiliate marketer for 15 years. At first, I started out in the lifestyle and wellness niche before focusing on the casino industry. Playing at online casinos was already a hobby of mine, so it seemed a natural progression as I already had a lot of knowledge about the games, casinos, and bonuses. 

I now run many successful affiliate websites, the latest of which focuses on the iGaming markets in the US. A few years back, many states began legalising online gambling, so I got involved early by linking up with some New Jersey online casinos. I also run affiliate sites for casino players in Connecticut, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Anybody else in the team? 

Not in the way a team of designers would work on developing browser games, or partners would run a business, but I have a team of ever-evolving freelancers that perform a lot of tasks for me. My affiliate sites require a lot of content, so I have content managers, writers, and proofreaders all supplying me with that content for each affiliate site. We supply my readers with news articles, casino reviews, slot and casino games reviews, guides, and bonus reviews.

The content needed is endless, as new online casinos launch regularly and there are over 30 new casino games launched each month. Plus, the casino regularly changes up the bonuses they offer, so I need new content all the time. Come to think about it, my teams do very well out of me! They have a constant supply of work and do not need to go looking elsewhere.

What do you do then?

Yes, it might seem like I have nothing much to do with so many people providing work for me. However, my key roles include overseeing everything they do and, of course, working at securing new affiliate deals with online casinos. Although I have many sites that focus on the iGaming industries across Europe, my biggest focus right now is becoming a major affiliate marketer in the booming newly regulated US iGaming markets.

What is an affiliate marketer?

Somebody who works to promote a product or service online in return for a commission when customers make a purchase. In my niche, I earn a commission whenever somebody clicks through to a partnering online casino via one of the links on my websites and makes a deposit. Some online casinos even give me a lifetime commission, meaning I get a small percentage of every deposit a customer makes – as long as it’s somebody I brought to the online casino.

Previously, I would market health products. So anybody that used my links to purchase those products would bring me commissions. Affiliate marketing is difficult by the way, as you always have a ton of competitors, so it’s hard to stand out. This is the main reason I moved away from health and lifestyle, as it’s the most competitive niche around.

What makes you different from other affiliates working in the online casino niche?

I use a different angle to most. I focus on free online slot games, using them to attract new players to an online casino. Most video slots offer a free version, which means players can play them without spending real money. I offer these free games on my websites, players check them out without risk, and then if they like the game, they can click on my link and play them for real money at regulated online casinos.

Free online slots are actually among the most popular online games. It would surprise you just how many players play the games I host on my websites. They are not obligated to sign up for the casinos or deposit money, and many don’t. However, when they do, I earn a cut for bringing them to the online casino they choose. 

What are free online slot games?

Video slots, table games, video poker, scratchcards, and even live dealer games all have free versions. Slots are the most played type of game, and these are just online versions of the slot machines you will see at land-based casinos. The difference is that players can play them in the comfort of their own home. 

Free online slots offer players the ability to play without spending money. However, some will see that these slots can payout big money and will eventually start playing them for actual cash at some point. 

Do you have any advice for aspiring online casino affiliates?

The biggest advice would be to only get into the casino niche if it is something you enjoy yourself. It is what has enabled me to get ahead of so many competitors. If you have limited knowledge of a niche, you will never do as well as somebody that does. I know everything about the online gambling industry, so use that knowledge to attract readers. Many are experienced themselves, so they can tell if you’re in it for a passion or just to make some money. Of course, I’m in it for both, but ultimately want to give my readers as much value as possible. 

There are so many niches you can get into if you want to become an affiliate, just make sure it is one you have a passion for. You will not become a success otherwise. Other tips include getting the right team around you, as it takes a lot of work. You cannot do it all by yourself. Use freelancer sites like UpWork to find experienced writers in your niche.