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Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the hottest games in the gaming industry right now. After a successful beta run, Activison finally released this widely anticipated game. COD is widely known for producing world-class gaming experience on numerous gaming platforms and now you can get the experience on your smartphone. The mobile version features similar weapons, maps, and game modes from various franchises but also a richer and more mobile-friendly experience than previous releases.

If you love this game and want access to numerous features, COD: Mobile supports only two currencies – credits and COD points.

Here is our complete guide on how to get COD points. But first, let’s have a look at what is COD and what are the features.

What is COD: Mobile?

It’s a spinoff of the iconic console game Call of Duty but with its own unique features. COD: Mobile was hotly anticipated and was finally released in October. It was developed by one of the biggest players in the industry, Tencent Studio Timi.

One of the most appealing features that sets COD: Mobile apart from the console is the massive amount of rewards you receive in terms of credits and there are various ways you can earn them. If you want the coolest in-app items and the most powerful weapons, you simply can do so without COD points and credits. As you make progress and achieve a higher battle pass, you will be able to collect cod points and credits.

What are COD Points and Credits?

COD points are optional currency that you’ll have to spend real money on. With these points, you will have access to COD: Mobile’s premium pass. This pass is the only way you can enjoy the game’s elite tasks and exclusive rewards. So if you are obsessed with the game and want to access everything it has to offer, COD points are the way to go.

COD points also allow you to purchase weapon experience cards through the store so that you can upgrade your weapons and make it more powerful.

Credits are the most basic currency of COD: Mobile. Regardless of the mode you play, you can earn these credits as you progress through the game. Putting it simply, for every accomplishment, you will receive these credits.

If you want to move faster and play with all the features, these two currencies are indispensable. Like we’ve mentioned before, there are numerous ways to receive them, Let’s look at some of the few.

How Do You Get COD Points and Credits?

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If you don’t want to spend your money, you will have to struggle a lot. If you want the easiest way to obtain them, then you’ll have to spend 800 CP which will set you back 9.99 pounds.

After you’ve unlocked the battle pass, you can collect COD points by unlocking tiers when you accomplish challenges. As you progress through the battle pass, you can collect up to 800 CP which is enough for you to purchase the following seasons battle pass.

Every now and then, there will be special occasions that’ll give you COD points so keep an eye out for them if you want to save up a little bit.

You can earn credits the same way you collect COD points, by leveling up your battle pass, but they can also be collected through free pass so you don’t have to invest real money. Generally, credits are easier to earn. Limited time-event challenges are also a great way to stock up on credits so make sure that you check the middle tap on the left side of the game’s main menu. As of now, you can receive credits when you complete battle royal challenges but this feature may change in the near future.

Just like COD points, you can use credits in the store. However, the difference is the items you can access with points and credits. If you exchange credits, you can receive a small amount of loot but with COD points you can access a larger amount of content.

How Do You Earn Items?

There are several ways you can earn items in COD: Mobile as well. Whether free or premium, the battle pass system provides you access to numerous contents. You can unlock for free gun XP cards, equipment skin, sprays and occasionally loot crates. Unlocking daily crates is also an option which possesses a 33% likelihood of containing rare equipment. The premium tier is the only way you can access Battle Pass Crates with an increased chance of purple and blue rarity gear making an appearance.

If you participate in ranked events, you can also get rewarded. Generally, you’ll receive weapon xp cards but if you are lucky, you can get cosmetics as well. You should check your mailbox routinely to claim your gear, who knows you might already have hoarded a bunch by now.

COD: Mobile is even more fun if you have friends who play the game. If you want more xp cards, you and your friends can send them to each other. You can do this by clicking on the top part of your main menu and selecting the ‘friends list’ and click the ‘exp’ button, next to your friend’s name. This way, you’ll send your friends a nice gift and they just might return the favor to you.


COD: Mobile has captured the attention of mobile gamers recently and its no surprise why. Thanks to its plethora of features and immersive playing style, it’s a game you’ll be playing for a very long time. If you spend money on it, you’ll progress much faster and will earn access to weapons, skins, etc much earlier. However, there are still ways for you to earn credits and coins without spending a dime. All you need is a little patience.