A very interesting new feature has made a debut in CityVille, the Tree of Life, one very impressive tree that can offer us a lot of energy if we can complete it. And I am sure that not even the most experienced CityVille player would say no to 100 free Energy, so read on this guide to the CityVille Tree of Life to learn everything about it.

First of all, the Tree of Life in CityVille will be introduced by a new mission. Check out the requirements below:

– Have a Fully Grown Tree of Life
– Collect 4 Times from Nature Buildings
– Attract 15 Parrots (by collecting from Nature buildings)

Completing this mission alone will give you a reward of 10 Zoning Permits.

More details about the Tree of Life

You will start with a small tree of life and it will be your job to upgrade it. You have 31 days to complete all the five stages by collecting different types of birds which drop when you collect from Nature buildings (check out the buildings in the Store under the Nature tab to see what birds each building can drop):

Good luck and have fun completing the Tree of Life in CityVille!