Complete Guide to the CastleVille Kris Kringle Mission Series

Complete Guide to the CastleVille Kris Kringle Mission Series

As I was saying already, Christmas content has been released in CastleVille by Zynga and as it usually happens, a batch of content never comes alone. Fortunately for us, this means that we just got a new series of missions to complete in CastleVille, the Kris Kringle missions. Even better might be the fact that I have all the details about the series ready to be shared in this article, so if you’re curious to know it all, read on!

Snow Fall mission in CastleVille

– Place Landing Target
– Click on the Target
– Help Kris Kringle Out of the Snow

This is an incredible mission that will probably take you 10 seconds to complete, but offer you a reward of 500 coins and 10 XP, as well as your own personal Santa in the kingdom!

Ode to Joy mission in CastleVille

– Place Gift Shoppe Foundation
– Build the Gift Shoppe

This one’s a little more difficult because you need to complete the Gift Shoppe in order to finish it. In order to finish the Gift Shoppe, you will need to collect 10 each of Wood Log, Stone and Holiday Wreath. The Holiday Wreath is the new item here and you can only get it by sending direct requests to your neighbors. The reward for completing the Ode to Joy mission is 500 coins, 10 XP and a Candy Cane Pole decoration

Slipping Up mission in CastleVille

– Craft 1 Holiday Slipper in the Gift Shoppe
– Collect the Holiday Slipper
– Decorate your Kingdom with 3 Holiday Trio Candles

Finally, a more difficult mission which is not necessary a good thing: first of all, in order to craft the Holiday Slipper, you will need to have five Wool, two Wool Thread and 1 Bell; next, you’ll have to wait an hour for the Holiday Slipper to be ready but it doesn’t spoil so you can actually come back whenever you feel like. And while you wait for it to be ready, you can place the candles in your Kingdom: each costs 2,000 coins.

And this is the Kris Kringle mission series in CastleVille, hope you enjoy it!