I guess it was about time that our virtual cafes in Cafe World got inspected and that will happen whit the Health Inspector mission series – a series of pretty simple missions that we will certainly love to complete. However, it’s always better to know exactly what to expect from a mission series, so I have decided to share with you the details about the Cafe World Health Inspector missions below.

Health Inspector Mission
– Serve 30 Dishes
– Ask for 8 Latex Gloves
– Ask for 5 Sneeze Guard

Button Up the Staff mission
– Ask for 8 New Uniforms
– Ask for 6 New Name Badges
– Serve 45 Dishes
Rewards: Buffalo Chicken Sandwich recipe unlocked

Back of the House mission
– Ask for 7 Scrub Brushes
– Serve 35 Dishes
– Master Buffalo Chicken Sandwich through Level 1
Rewards: 1,000 coins and 150 Cafe Points

Front of the House mission
– Ask for 6 Jars of Wood Polish
– Ask for 8 Brooms
– Serve 50 Dishes
Rewards: 1,200 coins, 150 Cafe Points

Heard a Rumor mission
– Serve 20 Dishes
– Serve 12 Dishes
– Ask for 10 Tongs
Rewards: BBQ Sauce ingredient

He’s Here! mission
– Master Buffalo Chicken Sandwich through Level 2
– Ask for 8 Candles
– Serve 60 Random Dish

Not Done Yet mission
– Ask for 6 Four Leaf Clovers
– Serve 20 Dishes
– Ask for 5 “think of You” cards

Passed! mission
– Ask for 10 Approval Certificates
– Master Buffalo Chicken Sandwich through Level 3
– Serve 60 Dishes


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