Researching for new technologies plays a major role in City of Wonder and I’m sure you’re all curious to know how exactly does research work in the game and what advisors should you listen to when making a decision. In this article I will share with you a guide to Research in City of Wonder, so start reading to lead your civilization to greater glory!

Basically, it would be best to focus the construction of your Civilization on one of the three main categories: military, culture or finance. Of course, you can try to combine as you see fit, but you should be warned that you can’t become a master in all aspects! And that’s when advisors come into play.

When you open the Research menu, your three advisors will be on hand to suggest different technologies to research. You can switch between their advice using the advisor selector, or choose for yourself.

– The Cultural Advisor, Gaia, will recommend technologies that improve your civilization’s culture.
– The Economic Advisor, Numerius, will recommend technologies that improve your civilization’s economy.
– The Military Advisor, Titus, will recommend technologies that improve your civilization’s military prowess.

You can decide to listen to them (recommended) or research any technologies you see fit in the Research Tree. There is one simple rule of thumb when it comes to the Research Tree: you need to unlock a specific technology before being able to learn more advanced ones. For example, you can’t research Irrigation until you’ve discovered Agriculture – and so on. This means that nobody will get the chance of discovering a too advanced technology before others do.

How to research new technologies in City of Wonder? Simply click the Research Tree icon, on any Research item, or on the Advisor Advice. You can roll over each node on the tree to learn more about each technology, and even select technologies to research from the tree. Good luck!