Zynga has been fortunately hard at work in Cafe World and the developers have released a brand new series of missions for us to complete, the Lights, Camera, Cook Goals that come just in time for the Movie Wrap Party catering order. We have all the details about the newly released goal series, so read on to find out everything about them!

Lights, Camera, Cook Goals – Part I

– Serve or ask for 5 Lox Bagel
– Serve Powdered French Toast 5 times
– Serve Buttermilk Pancakes 5 times
Reward: 4 Romantic Table

Lights, Camera, Cook Goals – Part II

– Serve or ask for 25 Stuffed Mushrooms
– Ask for 5 make up boxes
– Ask for 5 movie lights
Reward: 4 Romantic Chair

Lights, Camera, Cook Goals – Part III

– Serve or ask for 40 Vegas Buffet
– Serve 10 Vegetarian Tamales
– Ask for 15 Bitter Sweet Chocolates
Reward: Romantic Wall Light

Lights, Camera, Cook Goals – Part IV

– Serve or ask for 20 Delicious Chocolate Cakes
– Ask for 9 All-purpose flour
– Ask for 9 Movie lights
Reward: 3 Romantic Wall Lights

Lights, Camera, Cook Goals – Part V

– Serve or ask for 50 Creme Fraiche Caviars
– Serve or ask for 20 Impossible Quiches
– Ask for 19 Bitter Sweet Chocolates
Reward: Unlock Romantic Brownie Sundae repice

Not the easiest goals to complete (or, better said, not a series to complete too fast), which is quite good since we all needed a new challenge in Cafe World, right?


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