Cabela’s 4×4 Off-Road Adventure 3 is a racing game which was developed by Fun Labs and published by Activision. The game was released in March, 2003. Below you can find a full collection of cheats and glitches for Cabela’s 4×4 Off-Road Adventure 3.


Start the game with the “launcher.exe – cheats” command line. Then, enter any of the following cheat codes:

Toggle God mode -> GodModeCora [0 or 1]
Get indicated amount of money -> GiveMoney [number]
Toggle no clipping -> NoClipCora [0 or 1]
Repair vehicle; used while playing -> CheatRepairAllCarPart
All accessories -> BuyAllAccs
Stamina -> CheatUseStamina


Extra money
First buy the Cyclop Hood replacement for $200 in any shop, and then let it be installed for $25. Then, select it in the inventory and sell it back to shop. The shop owner will give you $972 for it. The same can be done with the second hand Cyclop Hood replacement which will make more money than it costs.


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